As the spring and summer approach, the warm weather is likely to encourage an uptick in roofing scams that have plagued the District 30 in years past. While serving as the president of Juniper Park Civic Association, Councilman Robert Holden saw firsthand the vicious targeting of residents, particularly senior citizens, in a roof maintenance scam that cheats homeowners out of thousands of dollars.

“They knock on the door, usually after a storm or something, and tell people they have roof damage,” Holden said. “These scammers then propose to fix the roof for a flat rate, offering fake discounts for those willing to pay cash up front.” The problem is, these scammers are falsifying roof damage claims and offering to cut blisters and seal the roof with aluminum asphalt, but not actually doing so. As indicated by several invoices by Holden's office, the alleged roofers charge anywhere from S2,000 to S10,000.

“In most of the cases I've heard from members of the community, the roofers take payment up front, spray looks like silver spray-paint on the roof, and leave after 20 minutes,” Holden added. The local precincts are aware of the situation, and advise residents to avoid hiring door-to-door contractors. One such contractor is C. Johnston Roofing, which may also operate under other names.

“We need to catch them in the act,” Holden said. “But for now, the best we can do is to make everyone aware so they know not to pay these scammers for faulty work.

Anyone who encounters these scam roofers should call James Fleming with 104th Precinct at (718) 386-2591.