The Juniper Park Civic Association, joined by residents of the 9th Congressional District, held a Rally on Sunday, June 12, 2011 in front of Congressman Anthony Weiner's office at 80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Kew Gardens to demand that Weiner resign immediately as the Congressman from the 9th Congressional District.

Despite the last minute call by the JPCA to rally on a Sunday, attendance was impressive, including a full cadre of the media, with speaker after speaker expressing anger and sickening disgust with Anthony Weiner and how he has trivialized the trust that his constituents placed in him on Election Day.

Speakers from the JPCA, including Robert Holden, Anthony Nunziato, Ed Kampermann, John Killcommons and Lorraine Sciulli and many others from the 9th Congressional District, held their posters all with the same message that Congressman Anthony Weiner must resign immediately in the light of recent revelations, all of a lewd nature, showing his filthy communications with women on the Internet, some rumored to be underage. Flyers showing Weiner in obscene and compromising positions that he himself posted were also available to emphasize the nature of Weiner's descent to pornography. Everyone stated that he cannot possibly do his job as their Congressman with the distractions that he himself created.

The Rally's message that Anthony Weiner quit immediately was in agreement with his colleagues in the House of Representatives who are also asking that he step down and get some help. Weiner has become an embarrassing diversion from the crises our country is facing; War, dangerous deficits, medical care, etc., all of which need a full time representative to deal with solutions.

Weiner's recent announcement that he will take a “short leave of absence” to seek some kind of help did not sit well with the Rally participants. Their message was clear, Weiner should quit immediately then seek help to recover from his downward spiral.