In a one two punch the Middle Village/Maspeth community has been hit big time in the past couple of months by Mother Nature who is definitely in a rage of anger.

On September 16th it was a “microburst,” a combination of wind, rain, hail that bombarded our neighborhood leaving it looking like a war zone with trees down all over our local streets. To add insult to injury the Bloomberg Administration completely abandoned our neighborhood leaving us to fend for ourselves with no police or emergency services readily available to help our residents.

On December 27th, completing a one/two punch coming off the September 16th “microburst,” we were hit with a record snowstorm, very high winds, over 50 MPH, and while the main roads have been plowed the secondary streets are in bad shape and that means in an emergency it would be difficult for emergency vehicles to access the secondary streets. The tertiary streets aren't even in the Bloomberg Administration's headlights at this point.
The bottom line is that the Bloomberg Administration once again failed the outer Boroughs of NYC. Secondary streets are still blocked with huge snow piles, it's hard to find a plow truck to do the job and from the beginning of the storm the tone in handling the massive problems were sketchy. It looked early on like a “job action,” although the municipal unions denied the accusation. Bloomberg's answer to the criticism? Well he told everyone to take in a Broadway show! While the people had their lives threatened with little hope of an efficient response to emergencies given the blocked roadways, Michael Bloomberg suggested a Broadway show! He also made the statement, “Complaining doesn't help!” In a nutshell, Michael Bloomberg lives in a world where no one dares bring reality to his decisions and hence the detached, nonsensical answers to criticism as to why, after three days, the secondary streets in Middle Village, Maspeth, Glendale and Forest Hills are still blocked with snow and emergency vehicles are still having a tough time navigating the tough terrain.

The NYC Council will be holding hearings on January 10th to get to the bottom of what happened in the blizzard of 2010 and if realistic changes are made, no question, heads will fly. One has to look at the Sanitation Commissioner, John J. Doherty, and the decisions he made bringing “the greatest city in the world” to this hopeless and dangerous point.

MESSAGE TO ALL OUR RESIDENTS – Please make every effort to remove your stalled car out of the roadway so we can get the streets plowed and opened up in the event of an emergency.