One of the most horrible suicides that ever occurred in this vicinity was discovered yesterday at dusk in Maspeth near the entrance of Mount Olivet Cemetery, by Michael Ryan of that village who found a woman with her throat cut from ear to ear and her head nearly severed from her body. That she intended to take her life was plainly seen by the methodical manner in which she arranged herself. She laid across a pile of stones so her throat and neck would be inclined to meet the razor. She also opened her umbrella and placed it in front of her face before she committed the deed. The razor was found in her right hand and her waist was saturated with blood.

The suicide victim was about 45 years old, weighed 160 pounds was of dark complexion had dark blue eyes and dark hair. She wore a black waist and dress and laced shoes and her small black hat and long veil were lying by her side. There was nothing on her person to identify her but a card showing that the remains of Louisa J. Vorden are interred in some cemetery the name of which does not appear on the card, only the block and lot number being given, was found in the suicide's pocketbook, and may lead to the discovery of her identity.

In the pocketbook was also found a pair of rosary beads and $4.41 in cash. On her left hand there was a plain gold ring, and in the pocket of her dress were two razor boxes. Detectives Kelly and Jones of the Newtown Precinct took charge of the remains and notified the Coroner, who had the body removed to Skelton's Morgue, in this place.