February 21: We received a call from neighbors about a confirmed break-in at 67-xx 53rd Drive. Neighbors called in for the owners who are away in Ireland. Unknown what was taken at this time but we are taking the report pending the owner’s return. There was a “Dummy Camera” affixed to exterior of the vacant house. These are of no good if they don’t record. We have had several instances recently where there are actual cameras in place, but they don’t record. So when the bad guys come, they don’t get caught on candid camera, which dramatically decreases our odds of ever catching them. Please tell the gang, if you’re going to invest in a camera, go all the way and make sure that camera is hooked up to a recording device so the footage is captured.

March 2: At approximately 0115 hours, members of the 104th Precinct arrested a 18 year old male and a 19 year old female for breaking into two vehicles at 60-22 54 Place. The two defendants were observed breaking into the vehicles at approximately 0115 hours. In addition, members of our conditions unit arrested a 28 year old female at 69 Street and Grand Avenue for possession of heroin and Xanax.

March 13: Last night at 2:38 am, members of the 104 Pct Anti-Crime unit arrested a M/H/19 for breaking into 4 vehicles in the vicinity of 76 Street and Eliot Avenue. This same male was arrested on March 3 for breaking into vehicles at 54 Place and Flushing Avenue. Last night’s arrest was due to a sharp eyed neighbor who called for a suspicious person in the neighborhood. This call and our increased deployment of personnel on the Middle Village/Maspeth Border made this arrest possible. This is a true example of the community and the police working together for a safer neighborhood. 
March 21: Due to an ongoing investigation by the 104th Precinct, we arrested a M/H/21 for a Burglary that occurred on February 20, 2016 at 67-XX 53 Drive. The defendant has ten prior arrests which include Grand Larceny, Narcotics, and Car Break-ins in the 104,108, and 110 Precinct. The defendant is currently incarcerated on $10,000 Bail.

March 25: Due to community complaints of narcotic sales near 69 St/ Grand Avenue, members of the narcotics unit arrested 3 MASPETH residents for selling drugs near the location. Two of the three residents have prior Narcotics history. These 3 arrests should make a difference in the neighborhood.

March 28: at 11:30 PM, 104 Precinct Robbery Conditions units responded to a radio run of a vehicle break-in in front of 60-00 block of 69th Street. A neighbor reported he observed a male perpetrator open the passenger front door of a ‘97 Acura (belonging to an elderly neighbor)  parked at the location and rummage through the vehicle. A canvass was initially conducted, with negative results. 30 minutes later the witness makes a second call of the same male casing the neighborhood, but no reported auto break-in this time around. A request was made for Aviation Unit to flyover the location but they were unable to fly due to high winds. At 4:21 AM (over FOUR HOURS later), 104 Conditions Officers Hili and Mancuso sighted a male fitting the description at the northeast corner of 74th Street and Eliot Avenue, at which time he was held for identification by the original witness, positively identified  and arrested. He was wearing the same maroon pants seen by the witness originally which had since been torn, likely from hopping fences. He is Jonathan Hughes, a 17 year old male white, address is 61-03 56th Drive in Maspeth. He has 1 prior arrest to this incident (Felony Assault in the 104 Precinct). He had loose change on him and a GPS, but no property was taken from the victim’s Acura. He was charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. This arrest shows how persistent our officers were in continuing a canvass for this individual over four hours after the crime was initially reported. 

April 1: 54 #s/Arnold Avenue, apartment was entered by a burglar and property was taken sometime between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. On 57th Road /58th Street a black Maserati with two perpetrators punched another driver, displayed a silver firearm and robbed him. The perpetrators were arrested.

April 3: 8 arrests were made for prostitution at 57-03 71st Street – 2 arrests, 71-05 Grand Avenue – 1 arrest, 64-14 Fresh Pond Road – 3 arrests, 89-08 Eliot Avenue (confines of the 112th Precinct) – 2 arrests

April 4: 60 #s on 59th Drive, burglar entered through REAR glass door and property was taken.

April 6: 58 #s on 47th Street, tool box removed from a commercial property overnight.

April 7: 59 #s on 60th Street, 24 inch flat screen TV was stolen.

April 9: 53 #s on 69th Street, perpetrator entered through REAR door and stole $1,000 US currency. 61 #s on 56th Drive, unattended property. 61 #s on 56th Avenue, a motorcycle was stolen and subsequently recovered. Motorcycle was parked with key in it.
April 16: We participated in a vehicle VIN etch at Maspeth Federal Savings Bank as part of an Earth Day celebration. We also registered bikes, cell phones, iPads, etc. to help recover them if they’re stolen.

April 17: Subway, 69-79 Grand Avenue was robbed at gunpoint about 9:20 pm by a male and female. The robbers fled in an unknown direction. If anyone saw anything suspicious that night please contact Crime Stoppers or the 104th Precinct Squad.

April 20-21: The 104th Precinct conducted overnight commercial parking operation of the last week to address the concerns of many residents. The precinct wrote 98 summonses to vehicles in Middle Village and Maspeth.

April 21: Members of the 104th Precinct arrested a 55-year old male for writing Graffiti near the intersection of 56 Street and Flushing Avenue. I guess you are never too old to graffiti the neighborhood.

April 21: At approximately 1230 hours, members of the 104th Precinct Anti-Crime team arrested a 37-year old male and a 27-year old female from upstate NY who were delivering 130 decks of heroin to the Maspeth/Middle Village area. This arrest was made in the Vicinity of 56 Street and Flushing Avenue. Total quantity is 130 decks of heroin.
April 28: A robbery occurred at 56th Road and 61st Street. An arrest was made. In the 68 #s on 60th Road, sometime between noon and 9:30 a burglar entered through the REAR door.

May 6: Members of the 104 Precinct Traffic Unit conducted an Overnight Commercial Vehicle Operation to address commercial vehicles on residential streets. This initiative resulted in 38 commercial vehicles being issued summonses. I will continue to address this ongoing issue in the following weeks to include towing some of these vehicles.

May 17: Due to community complaints regarding the illegal storage of School Buses, the precinct conducted a investigation into certain companies constantly parking buses for extended periods of time. This investigation revealed that 2 of these buses were illegally registered and being stored with mismatched plates. The 104 pct towed these two buses and they were impounded. Location is 67 Street and 51 Road.

May 18: Members of the Queens North Vice Team arrested 5 females for unlicensed massage/ prostitution within the confines of the 104/112 pct. We will continue to actively address these locations based on community complaints. Members of the 104th Precinct Anti-Crime Team arrested a 21 year old Maspeth resident for attempting to break into 4 separate vehicles. This defendant has 10 prior arrests for auto break-ins and Burglary. The arrest occurred at 60-28 Flushing Avenue.
May 22: Early Sunday morning, members of the 104th Precinct arrested two persons for possession of a firearm, crack cocaine, and fireworks. Arrest occurred at 58 Street and 55 Drive

A point of clarification: Some have asked why the police blotter information printed in local papers now contains a lot of entries with the arrest address listed as 64-02 Catalpa Avenue, the address of the 104th Precinct stationhouse. Those arrests mainly are for domestic violence and in order to protect the identity of the victim, the actual address of the incident is no longer listed. This is a departmental policy change that went into effect about a year ago. A small number of the arrests listing the address of the precinct are of people who turned themselves in there in response to a warrant.