Like many days and nights, on Sunday, June 5th at 4:00pm there was another Mr. Softee truck continuously playing loud music on Juniper Boulevard North and 77th Street in Middle Village, right next to Juniper Valley Park.
I went over to the truck and complained to the Mr. Softee employee who got very verbally abusive and for spite played his music louder and continuously.
He was uncooperative when I asked for identification so I took the license number of 18733 JZ on his truck. The permit sign posted in his dirty window was Parks Mobile Food R7173.
We have to have more oversight on these Mr. Softee trucks who are wreaking noise havoc in our communities. There are laws in place to control the music but abuse is widespread because the drivers think that no one will complain. Well this article proves otherwise!
All the information here has been reported to the NYC Department of Parks who issues the mobile vending permits and steps will be taken to control Mr. Softee and their loud music.