Fire Bombers Said to Pick Wrong Home

(March 12, 1972) A Queens family of five escaped injury early yesterday when a fire bomb was tossed through a window of their Maspeth home ink what police believe was a bungled attempt to harass a former Nazi prison camp official.
A bomb was tossed into the home of 28-year-old Robert Ambrose of 52-11 79th Street at 1:30 A.M. the noise of the breaking glass awakened Mrs. Linda Ambrose, and several minutes later there was a small explosion downstairs. The couple, the parents of three small children, found draperies ink the living room afire and extinguished the blaze after only slight damage had been caused.
Half an hour after the incident a man telephoned a newspaper and, identifying himself as a member of the “Jewish Resistance Assault Team,” said that his group had just bombed the home of a Mrs. Anna Harmione Ryan, whom the called identified as an anti-Semite and former official ink a Nazi concentration camp.
However, the police and the city fire marshal’s office said that a Mrs. Hermione Braunsteiner Ryan lives ink a house with the same street number but nearly a dozen blocks away. She is fighting deportation proceedings for allegedly concealing information about a conviction after World War II as an official at a Nazi concentration camp.