J. Cotoia Construction Inc
59-08 70th St
Maspeth NY 11378
718 779 4026
917 731-5696

Our business spotlight this month in the Juniper Berry shines on an advertiser, J. Cotoia Contruction Company, located in Maspeth. J. Cotoia Construction, also known as JCC, is owned and operated by Maspeth resident, Joseph Cotoia, known to all as “Joey.”
Joey Cotoia is a life-long resident of Maspeth and his family on his mother’s side is from the Occhiogrosso clan. We are all familiar with that name because the Occhiogrossos have owned and operated businesses in Maspeth for over 90 years. In fact, in this issue of the Juniper Berry there is a beautiful story on Joey’s Great Aunt Mary Occhiogrosso written by one of our young, budding Berry writers, Jessica Hanes.
J. Cotoia Construction services all 5 boroughs, Long Island and parts of Westchester. They will tell you that they try to stay and work in our neighborhood as much as possible. J. Cotoia is fully licensed and insured and they specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, tiles decks, piping, wiring and flooring. They do ADA handicap transformations as well as theme-oriented rooms.
The Company also does masonry, sidewalks and stoops and they can handle anything from a simple bathroom renovation to an entire extension. They provide great work at reasonable prices.
The work crew consists of Walter, Frankie, Abdul and Mike, his son who is an apprentice with his dad, men who have been with the company for many years, and Joey Cotoia doesn’t use any day labor. They pride themselves in the professionalism, reliability and integrity they bring to every job.
J. Cotoia buys most of their supplies from local merchants such as- Glendale Lumber, Cameo Tiles, Three Way Plumbing, Harry’s Hardware and Grand Electrical Supply, just to name a few, and they provide their customers with references and photographs, if necessary. You can also check them out on Facebook.
Cotoia Construction does one job at a time so you never see them skipping around, leaving jobs to start or finish others. In a world of what can be described as fragmented job performance by most merchants, that alone could be a great relief to anyone wanting to get the job done quickly and efficiently and, who doesn’t?
Joey Cotoia, not surprisingly, is a working boss, he’s on the job 24/7 always making sure the work being done is top quality. He actually arrives at your house to give you the estimate of the job you are contemplating. How many companies can tell you that? Usually you need several phone calls before you even get to talk to the “boss!” Joey Cotoia and his mechanics have over 50 years worth of experience.
Joey is married to Karin and has one son, Mike who is 18 years old. They live in Maspeth and after reading this profile you can conclude they are here to stay!
The next time you have that big or small job to be done on your house think of Joey Cotoia and his construction company. You will be pleased with the outcome because Joey will do the best job you can get in the marketplace with high quality and a competitive price. And, most importantly, he will guide the job to its conclusion from that first bang of the hammer!