Fortunate to have Bob Holden

Dear Editor:
On September 16, 2010 the microburst caused a number of trees to go down, siding to be ripped off of windows, broken windows, etc.

A tree fell on my house and car. The entrance to my house was blocked. At approximately 1am the Parks Department cut some of the tree and cleared a path without disturbing the tree which was balanced on a car.

After numerous calls by friends and neighbors and especially Robert Holden of the Juniper Park Civic Association the tree was removed from my house and car. Mr. Holden was the only one who answered his phone and followed through. He was instrumental in getting the tree removed. We of Middle Village are very fortunate to have him.

Special equipment was required to remove the tree. The team of Parks Department employees were exceptional, skilled, careful, respectful and considerate. I can't thank them enough.

Lucille Werkmeister
Middle Village

Wild Weather Thanks

To the Editor:
Subject: Wild Weather
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the woman who put on her School Crossing Guard Uniform and directed traffic at the intersection where 69th Street, 69th Place and Juniper Valley Road come together. During all the turmoil of that night, with traffic going every which way, there she was in the middle of it, helping to keep traffic moving for emergency vehicles. As I passed her I yelled out the car and said “GOOD JOB.” My only regret is, I don’t have her name or I would have posted that here. Again, whoever you are, you did a great deed for the Middle Village community.

Middle Village Resident

To the Editor:
Subject: RE: Cops sent home 35-minutes after storm-devastated area

Thanks so much for bringing up this issue. On one hand, we are proud our neighborhood is self-supporting; we also have noticed the lack of NYPD involvement during the most needed time at the most needed streets. We stand with Mr. Robert Holden and JPCA. Thanks again to let our voice be heard!

A new resident
of Middle Village

Storm Questions

Dear Mr. Holden,
Pictures are surely worth a thousand words. If (Councilwoman Elizabeth) Crowley, in her Channel 11 interview, thinks that streets in our area were clear (a day after the storm), I can send you dozens of photos that show the streets were blocked by not only large trees but also wires. Which also poses the question as to why, in 2010, we have wires above ground causing needless and avoidable dangerous situations to our community. I think I remember that money was to be allocated to placing wires underground in our area.

As I walked through our area right after the storm, I began documenting the destruction to our area when people were coming over to me and asking me if I was part of the media. I answered yes and stood ready for the follow-up question which oddly never came. I then realized that people in our area simply wanted to make sure that others outside our area would get to know how serious the Middle Village situation was. So, from that point on I would tell people that I met that the destruction would be remembered.

The Juniper Berry is a respected publication that keeps a light on our area. I will be making a contribution this week. When stories go untold it brings the community down and susceptible to corruption. One of the most successful ways to keep a community strong is to keep it connected and informed.

Mayor Bloomberg has to realize that the outer boroughs are not simply housing areas for workers who cater to the Manhattan elite. I remember attending a press conference where the Mayor proposed a special toll to those entering Manhattan who didn't live there in order to limit congestion. I believe the toll amount was something like $9.00. And he said to the crowded room of reporters, Well, it's only $9 bucks. Only 9 bucks! I said to myself. To many hard working residents, that's a full hour’s work. No connection… no feelings for the working citizen. He has the same position when it comes to illegal apartments in our area. As long as they make it on time to the kitchens, parking garages and gardens of the Manhattan wealthy, they can live on top of one another.

Bloomberg doesn't see, feel or care about the struggles of our area regarding overcrowding and overdevelopment. My belief is that he is focused solely on the revenue of tourists and the living conditions of the wealthy. His position on the Ground Zero Mosque is a perfect example of how out-of-touch he is with the feelings of those who have lost family on 9/11.

Patrick E. McCarthy
Middle Village

Look Out Above

Dear Editor:
I spoke to my cousin who lives on 84th St in the disaster area. The city (Parks Department) surveyed the area and certified the remaining trees as sound. Saturday 9/25/10 (after the city’s inspection) more came down. One crushed my cousin’s car. Her observations are that all are structurally compromised by the way they are moving even in the slightest of wind. The city is incompetent to the point of being criminal, as their ineptitude is jeopardizing the lives of all within this neighborhood. I like trees as much as the next guy but these and those I have mentioned earlier have to be taken down.

Furthermore, those who certified these trees as sound should be fired and so should the Parks Department’s Administration. Their prime directive is an emergency for the lives of the citizens, their safety and that of their property. As least this is what it was when I worked for DEP back in the 1980’s. This is another one we can thank the mayor for. By the way, where is Waldo? I guess he got lost along with (Marge) Markey. Rudy (Giuliani) would have been there and he would have dragged the deadbeats in Parks and NYPD with him.


Tree Replacement

To Bob Holden:
Subject: September 16th Storm – Tree Giveaway

It was great speaking with you yesterday and I’m sorry to hear about the extent of damage from the September 16th storm in Middle Village. As the lead partner of the Parks Department in the Million Trees NYC campaign, we are working diligently to assess the scope of damage so that we could determine a strategy for clean-up assistance.
With regard to the tree-giveaway, we are happy to work with you to develop one. Our general model is for NYRP to provide the trees and have the community partner conduct outreach in their target community as well as run the event through their staff and volunteer base. We will also provide you with a brief training to illustrate the model that we have found to work best for tree giveaways as well as provide staff support the day of the event.

Also, all trees NYRP donates through this grant program cannot be planted on terraces/rooftops and must be planted within the five boroughs. At this time, we are also only able to give one tree away per person to plant on private property.
Please let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to working with you!

Brian Ross, Manager
Million Trees NYC, New
York Restoration Project

Firebombing Wrong House of ex- Nazi

To the Editor:
I visited a friend in North Carolina (John Drobinko) who, like myself, was a long time resident of Maspeth/Juniper Valley. He gave me several of your magazines, one with the article about Hermine Ryan and her Nazi past.
(Juniper Berry March/April 2010, Vol.71. No 1). I was fortunate to not only live in that area for 24 years, but I also worked 20 plus years with the NYPD, assigned to the 110,104 & 112 precincts. In fact, I was very fortunate to be assigned to start and lead the CPOP (Community Police Officer Program) for five years in the 110 Pct. As the sergeant in charge, I got to work with many of your residents, and community leaders.

Anyway, I was a police officer assigned to a radio car in the 112 Pct. when about 2:00 A.M., a report of a fire in one of the Mathew Homes (located approximately at 82nd Street between Maurice and Grand Avenue) came over our radio. We, along with the nearby fire engines on Grand Avenue, responded. Luckily, the young couple who lived in that first floor apartment with their young child, was awake and called 911 quickly. Apparently, someone threw a fire bomb threw their front window, setting the curtains and furniture on fire. I was questioning this couple on who might be responsible, who they had a fight with, who they might owe money to; a lover or her husband, etc, etc.–when I received a call from the station house stating the JDL (Jewish Defense League) just took credit for the Fire Bombing of the Nazi Ryan's house. Unfortunately for this young couple, the JDL threw the bomb at the right address, but the wrong street.

Needless to say, we spent the remaining night in front of the correct address for Mrs. Ryan. I never met her, but early that morning, her husband came out from the house to ask us if we wanted coffee or anything. He heard about the fire bombing, and was so sorry for that young family. Half crying, he talked about his wife, how sweet and caring she was, and how he never knew about her past.

Thought you might like to hear this part of the history.

Joe Neubauer

(please see New York Times report of the firebombing in Amazing Stories in this issue.)
Maspeth Memories

Dear Editor,
A dear friend just gave me Sept/Oct 2010 issue – I see an article on Maspeth in the 50’s/60’s by Richard Polgar, I would like to get in touch with him, as I must know him (I knew his wife)-I’m 63 & EVERYTHING HE MENTIONED, WAS EXACTLY THE SAME FOR ME! I grew up right next to him & his wife. Patty York was my maiden name. I understand that I may have to submit something to Juniper Berry for you to pass along to him – no problem, just let me know if by mail or e-mail (prefer). A few years back you printed a short write-up I submitted on Dr.
Weiss & one of your readers called me (I gave you permission) & we had a great chat down memory lane. This article with photos is very comprehensive, well-written and is special to me, thanks.

Patty York

My family is a new resident to Middle Village. We have been in the area for less than 2 months when we get hit by the microburst. I am pleased to support your association and I enjoyed reading your publication.

Susy Trdoslavic
Middle Village

Middle Village Ticket Blitz

To the Editor
As a result of the poor economy, and in an effort to raise revenue, our neighborhood has been infiltrated with traffic agents. During the first 14 years that I have lived here, I can't remember ever seeing them patrolling our streets; probably due to the fact that we do not have alternate side of the street parking regulations. Now I see them circling the blocks like vultures hunting their prey.

Several months ago one of them snagged my wife. She pulled into the large space in front of our house, which is actually a doublewide curb cut for the driveways belonging to our neighbor and us. Her stop was only a few minutes, just long enough to bring in a few shopping bags of frozen food to go into the basement freezer. But it was also long enough for her to get a ticket for double-parking. The irony here is that she was going from one store to another to save money and now we wound up with a $115 parking ticket. Needless to say, we pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ and naturally the judge found us ‘Guilty as Charged’ stating that our claim of innocence was not supported by persuasive evidence, and that unloading packages is not an excuse for double-parking. Excuse me, but did they even look at the photos I sent or read my letter? We did not ask for leniency for double-parking. We said we were not double-parked at all. And what kind of ‘persuasive evidence’ could we submit? I sent a picture showing where my wife was parked. It comes down to whom the judge is going to believe. Our case is common sense. Why double-park and put your car further from the entrance to your house when you have a large open driveway to park in? So now I am appealing the decision. To do so, you must first pay the fine, then hope that the new judge that reviews the case overturns the first decision and refunds the money. Anybody want to place bets on the outcome of that?

Lee Rottenberg
Middle Village

Great Job Nick

To the Editor:
Subject: Carl Berner
I thoroughly enjoyed the article written by Nick Lume interviewing Mr. Carl Berner. What a great way to involve the younger generation in our community and to highlight some of the interesting people who live in Middle Village. I think it would be a great idea to have this as a regular feature in the Juniper Berry. I’m sure there are many students in our area who would love to take a turn at interviewing one of our stand-up citizens. Great job Nick Lume.   

Barbara Thompson
Middle Village 

Boy Scouts Volunteer in Juniper

Dear Juniper Berry,
On August 26th, 2010, Christopher Magnowski and a small army of volunteers assembled on the south side of Juniper Valley Park. This group of volunteers began assembling at eight o’clock in the morning to begin the huge task of restoring the wrought iron fencing that surrounds Juniper Valley Park from Juniper Boulevard South and 77th Street and continues on to 80th Street heading north to Juniper Boulevard North. The total restoration consisted of 1,143 feet of wrought iron fence. The north side fencing was buried in six inches of mud. This mud was dug out by our crew of moms and scouts. Lots of calluses were formed this day; and sore backs.This huge undertaking was driven and organized by Christopher Magnowski. Christopher is a member of St. Margaret Boy Scout Troop 119 in Middle Village.

This was Christopher’s Eagle Scout Project and his way of giving back to the community and park that has given so much over the years to him and all of us. The volunteers numbered on average of 20 everyday for three full hard working days beginning Thursday, August 26th to Saturday the 28th. God was certainly with us. This three-day span was optimal for all the scraping and painting due to the cooler and dry weather pattern that prevailed for the three hard working days. The volunteers consisted of fellow scouts and leaders, family members, friends and six fellow students from Xavier High School. Without all this help, Christopher would have still been painting. Huge thanks to all the volunteers. It was a great experience to see everyone focused on a terrific project and working hard to get it done. We can all take great pride in this achievement. We also need to mention the support of our local government. Senator Joseph Addabbo supplied us with refreshing beverages and access to his staff for any needs regarding the project, and also a big thanks to Council Member Crowley’s office for their support, along with supplies of fresh fruit, snacks and beverages to keep all volunteers young and old well hydrated. Lastly, we would like to thank Mr. Leroy Temple from the Parks Department for supplying the majority of equipment and paint to complete this undertaking.

To get an idea of just how large the scope of this project was, 19 gallons of paint, 20 paint brushes, 17 paint mitts and 10 wire brushes for scraping and removing rust was used to cover all 1,143 feet of wrought iron fencing. All in all it was a great event, and a tribute to our community for pulling together for a great cause. This is the story of Christopher Magnowski’s Eagle project giving back to our community of Middle Village.

Christopher’s body of work is large and continues to grow. We wish him the best and give him all the support he needs. Thank you for any consideration to recognize this young man in the Juniper Berry. Please let us know if any additional information is needed about this project.

Respectfully yours,
Anna and John Magnowski (mom and dad)copies to – Senator Joseph Addabbo and Council Member Elizabeth S. Crowley

List of volunteers:
Christopher Magnowski’s Eagle Scout Project

Mr. Charles Krzewski – Scout Committee Chair
Mr. Bill Scharbach – Scout Master
Mr. John Magnowski
Mrs. Anna Magnowski
Joseph Magnowski
Mr. Paul Hyland
Mrs. Sandra Hyland
Paul V. Hyland
Sofia Hyland
Sofia Sciotti
Greg Watch
Giancarlo Schillaci
Dylan Reilly
James Markovich
Daniel Markovich
Scott Pizzo
Mr. Frank Pizzo – Assistant Scout Master
Mrs. Dale Pizzo
Alexander Burzynski
Mrs. Liz Burzynski
Nicholas Burzynski
Brian Voyer
Mr. Ed Voyer
Vincent Martello
Mrs. Rosa Martello
Mr. Anthony Martello
Nicholas Wunsch
Mrs. Anita Wunsch
Brandon Smith

Poor Customer Service Explained

To the Editor:
Subject: in response to the comments you printed about me. My name is Alan Nasar and I am the owner of Stop n Go wireless on Eliot Avenue.

In your latest issue you printed a customer’s opinion of my location in your letters to the editor. I am always interested in what people think of my store, and am always happy to give the best value and top-notch service on all their wireless needs. With that said, if a customer has a negative experience in my location, or with any of my employees, I not only want to know about it but will try my hardest to change that experience to a positive one.

To respond to this issue, on the day Ms. McGreevy came to my store, I firstly was not in the store, and secondly was notified by Verizon that she had a complaint put in to them. When I was notified of what happened I reprimanded my employee and made every effort to rectify the situation. Verizon gave me her phone number and I called her three times and left two messages to offer her the phone for free to show good faith.

My calls went unanswered, and to my surprise I see this article in your paper. What upsets me is that you went and printed it instead of contacting me first. For over a year now I've been servicing the neighborhood.

For your paper to print such harsh words and defaming information about small businesses in the area without hearing from both sides is just wrong. A community paper is for the community; not a gateway to try and defame and put hard workers out of business,

If I “the owner” and manager of the store was in my store that day, or if Ms. McGreevy called me back after I contacted her to apologize, or if your paper contacted me and sent my message over to her every one would have been satisfied and you would have had a better story to publish, maybe even a new advertiser, but you decide to take the scandalous route. I’d appreciate a retraction on this editorial and request that you send this response to Ms. McGreevy so maybe she could forgive the misunderstanding that occurred.

I am going to ask my customers that walk in to my store to send their opinions on how they were serviced here.

I would expect to see those positive letters posted in you magazine without any discrimination, and would appreciate a response from you on why you went ahead and printed this article without hearing both sides of the story. Regards,

Alan J. Nasar President
Stop n' Go wireless Inc.

Response: It is not our obligation to contact anyone if we receive a signed letter to the editor for the Juniper Berry. The woman who had the bad experience in your store has every right to write her letter. We certainly do not want any store failing in Middle Village because a successful business translates to a successful neighborhood. You chose Middle Village to open your store. That’s a statement right there about the stability of our community. It’s your responsibility to hire and monitor your employees to make sure they have the right attitude when dealing with the public. The complaint letter we received clearly indicated a problem with customer relations in your Verizon Store at the retail level.
Also, as you were told, the flags you place outside your store are illegal yet you continue to put them on the sidewalk where they block pedestrians. If you are serious about doing the right thing in our neighborhood, get rid of the flags, which block the sidewalk at a bus stop and are dirty and unsightly to look at.

Obama’s Hidden Tax

Dear Editor:
The public needs to know this. Here is a shocker. We must kick them all out in the November election.

Under the new health care bill – did you know that all real estate transactions will be subject to a federal 3.8% sales tax? The bulk of these new taxes don't kick in until 2013 (presumably after Obama’s re-election).
You can thank Nancy (Pilosi), Harry (Reid) and Barack (Obama) and your local Democratic Congressmen, Joe Crowley and Anthony Weiner for this one. If you sell your $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Is this Hope and Change great or what? Does this stuff make your November and 2012 votes more important? Oh, you weren't aware this was in the Obamacare Bill? Guess what, you aren't alone. There are more than a few members of Congress who aren't aware of it either (result of clandestine midnight voting for huge bills they've never read). AND, there are a few other surprises lurking. Why am I sending you this? The same reason I hope you tell every single person in your address book. People have the right to know the truth because an election is coming in November!

Daniel Trembinski

Wait for Q38

To the Editor:
I would like to know what can we do about the Q-38 BUS LINE? I have made numerous complaints to 311/MTA inquiring why the buses run two and three together at all times of the day and weekends. This even happened on Memorial weekend (Sunday) when there were three buses going up Eliot Avenue all back to back. Needless to say most of the time the last buses are empty. It's totally ridiculous; people miss this caravan and then can wait for 45 minutes to an hour. I hope we can correct this problem. Calling 311 and complaining to the MTA doesn’t seem to help or bother them. I spoke with a starter yesterday at the Woodhaven Boulevard. and Queens Boulevard bus stops and was told that there WERE no starters for the Q-38! Thank you for listening,

Al Werner
Middle Village

Berry Professional

To the Editor:
I would like to congratulate your staff on the high quality of professionalism it exhibits in each issue. It really puts others to shame. Keep up the good work.

Hugh McCaul
Info on Sinking Homes

Dear JPCA:
I lived in Middle Village from 1955 (first house owners) to 1972 when I got married. My mom lived there till she died in 1997 (42 years in same house on 75th Place).

I even wrote for the Juniper Valley News when I was a teenager!

I'm trying to find any historical reference to the homes that 'sunk' on 75th place, 3 houses for sure, they were held up by steel struts until building razed them and rebuilt. Can you help?

Barb (Sicora) Maniuszko