Emil Neilson, twenty-two years old, of Maspeth, L.I., struck Herman Holt, his particular friend, yesterday, during an altercation near their homes and the blow, which landed on Holt’s jaw, proved fatal. Holt was twenty-one years old. He leaves a wife, whom he married but a short time ago.
The two had been chums since they were small boys, and the strongest friendship existed between them. They were in each other’s company Sunday morning as usual. At the corner of Jay and Fisk Avenues, in Maspeth, they began to “skylark.” The play was rough but good-natured on the part of the two and several others who were with them. For some reason not explainable the two friends quarreled and were about to strike each other, when their companions forced them to desist and dragged them apart.
They said nothing, but as soon as released by their friends, who thought the incident ended, they rushed toward each other and exchanged blows. There are said to have been several passes between the two and then Neilson struck Holt with his clenched fist on the point of the jaw.
Holt fell unconscious. He was carried to his home, Neilson aiding the others getting him there. Dr. Schaussenghkieser was summoned, but was unable to revive the young man, and he died an hour afterward. Concussion of the brain is supposed to have developed a blood clot.
Neilson was arrested by Detective Peter Kelly and locked up at Newtown. He is heartbroken by the fatal result of his blow. He told the police that Holt hit him first and he returned the blow without intending to seriously hurt his friend. He will have a  hearing this morning.