Brooklyn Eagle June 3, 1899 – The bodies of three dead infants were found this afternoon in some bushes alongside of the New York and Queens County trolley tracks near Maurice Avenue, Maspeth.

A party of children making their way across lots saw the bundle lying some little distance from the path. A boy opened one of the bundles and was startled to see the face of a dead child.

The children ran away as fast as their legs would carry them and the boy notified his father. Information of the finding of the bodies was sent to the police by the motorman and conductor of a passing trolley car.

The Newtown police took charge of the case and notified Coroner Ruolf of the finding of the bodies.

Up to 2 o’clock this afternoon the police had no further information about the case and were so far as could be learned not making any investigation. No report of the finding of the bodies was sent to Borough Police Headquarters in Long Island City.

The bodies were wrapped in copies of newspapers of dates from May 29 to last night.

There was nothing in either of the three bundles that would lead to the identification of the dead infants or the persons who had thrown them away. The police were of the opinion that they came from some baby farm. Within a year the bodies of a number of dead infants have been found in the borough of Queens.