The NYC Dept of Transportation’s “Better Buses Action Plan” was announced in April. The initiative seeks to speed up bus transit along congested corridors. One of the areas identified as needing improvement was the ½ mile section of Fresh Pond Road from Metropolitan Ave to Putnam Ave where 30,000 riders of the Q58, QM24, QM25, QM34 buses travel. Average bus speeds are: 5.9 mph (AM) / 3.0 mph (PM). DOT recommends installing curbside southbound bus lane for buses and right-turns, in effect weekdays for part of the day, consolidating Q58 local bus stops to improve stop spacing, installing loading zones on east curb where warranted, installing loading zones and meters on western spur streets and studying a northbound bus queue jump signal at Putnam Ave. There has also been discussion of prohibiting parking along the southbound side of the street during morning rush hours. The impact on businesses along the strip has not yet been analyzed.