Curves Middle Village
64-71 Dry Harbor Road
Middle Village, NY 11379
Tel: 718 894 5390
(Call for hours of operation since they vary day-to-day)

The Community Spotlight this issue of the Juniper Berry shines on Curves located in Middle Village.

Curves has been owned for the last six years by Theresa Bertolino who is a Middle Village resident for over thirty years.

There’s a feeling out there that workout businesses come and go and they all have one thing in common, similarity. Not true! You haven’t been worked out until you see what Curves has introduced to the marketplace. It is called CurvesSmart and once you start on this program there is no doubt you will have been exercised to your max – appropriate for your age, build and goals.

My interview started with Theresa who enthusiastically explained the success of Curves Middle Village. She stated that she currently has about 400 members, many of them women who live locally. She attributes much of her success to the loyalty and professionalism of her staff.

Since introducing CurvesSmart the business has moved into the technological age of meaningful numbers; numbers that uniquely identify each woman’s needs and goals. CurvesSmart is billed as the world’s most advanced fitness training system. The phrase “Go For Green” has special meaning to each woman. Quoting from their pamphlet “The CurvesSmart technology motivates and challenges you to achieve your personal health and weight management goals by keeping you committed to exercise. CurvesSmart ensures you maintain an exertion level that is safe and guarantees maximum benefit based on your own unique body signature.”

Translated, it means that at the end of a workout the woman puts her own special Curves identity card into the computer and she will know immediately how effectively she has exercised. In fact while I was there Margaret Ognibene, a member herself, enthusiastically put her own special identification card into the computer and showed me her results and where she could do better.

Theresa does tell you how important it is for women of all ages to think about themselves and their own personal fitness. She said what we all know; women tend to prioritize their lives, putting themselves last. She said that Curves Middle Village has given the local women of all ages the opportunity to establish a camaraderie with each other that is very often missing in many women’s lives. She stated that the obesity level is alarming and the initial step to fighting it is exercise. She tells you particularly of the women who come in, overweight or sick with some kind of illness, and how well they do once they get started on a meaningful exercise plan.

I have to tell you, that if enthusiasm spells success, Curves Middle Village, its owner, Theresa, its employees and its members have it! After talking to Theresa, Pauline, an employee, and Margaret Ognibene I left the site thinking, I want what they’re on! The answer is simple, it’s called “exercise, the CurvesSmart way.

On the personal side Theresa is married to NYC firefighter, Timothy Bolan, and they own a house in Middle Village.

It is truly great to see a local woman experiencing a successful business because she is smart and innovative. That totally describes Theresa Bertolino and we wish her continued good luck and success!