Our business spotlight this issue shines on a new Juniper Berry advertiser, Foxy Florals. Foxy Florals and her “sister” business, Foxy Lady, a unisex beauty salon, is owned and operated by Maspeth resident, Adria. It is a neat, well run establishment with both businesses complementing each other well.

I’ve known Adria now for several years and I can tell you she is the hardest working woman you’ll ever meet. Foxy Florals and Foxy Lady are open seven days a week and Adria works about ten hours every day (starting at 9:00AM) running these two businesses. Because of the nature of both these efforts, she is at her shop many holidays. Adria has a work ethic that is second to none.

Her new “baby” is the floral business. A few years ago Adria had the thought that combining a florist with her beauty salon would be a productive venture and so, Foxy Florals was born. Not surprising to Adria, she knows she entered a fiercely competitive field. She is, however, very focused and determined to make a success of Foxy Florals.

Adria feels very fortunate to have hired her floral designer, Sandy, who comes to Foxy Florals loaded with experience from working with several other florists in the neighborhood. Sandy brings an originality to her floral arrangements that is unique in the business. I can tell you that I have bought a few of her arrangements and they are stunningly beautiful and different.

To give you an idea of their range of floral designs, Foxy Florals specialize in: birthdays, get well’s, anniversaries, weddings, funerals (specialty pieces) engagements, showers, wishing well rentals, and balloons for all occasions. They have free delivery in some locations, locally. Despite the intense competition, I know Adria well enough to say that Foxy Florals will be a success and emerge as a “flower” force in our neighborhood.

Foxy Beauty Salon provides the full beauty package specializing in cuts, perms, coloring, highlights, make-up (brides, bridal party, mothers), nails acrylic, all competitively priced.

In addition to the grueling hours Adria puts in at her shop, she keeps the place spotlessly clean and this is no small feat considering the nature of both businesses and the challenges of doing their floral arrangements neatly, right on the premises. When I remarked about the cleanliness to Adria her response was, “Well, I spend ten hours a day here, it’s my home, it has to be clean.”

There is no conflict between the businesses because Adria goes out of her way to cater to all her customers, whether they be in her shop for beauty services or flowers. Adria handles both jobs with discreet efficiency, always focused on her final product.

Foxy Florals & Foxy Lady are located on the corner of 71st Street and Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. Their window is always beautifully decorated, seasonally displaying Sandy’s many creations. Why don’t you check it out, get a new hairdo and treat yourself to a lovely floral arrangement.