Since I last highlighted several of the known sanitation eyesore in our community not much has changed despite letters to the Community Board, e-mails to the Board and Councilman Gallagher's Office. The old adage is that one picture is worth a thousand words and that certainly holds true today. This pictorial review of the unsightly sanitary conditions that prevail throughout Middle Village bear witness to the fact that the residents of Middle Village must work together to keep our village clean and safe. And, when I am talking about safety, I am talking about safety from the harm that rodents such as mice, rats, raccoons, etc. can do to your home and your children. Indeed, it is incumbent upon our elected officials and the Commissioner of the NYC Department of Sanitation to correct a condition that seriously affects the quality of life and the status of our community. The items mentioned above are what the citizens of Middle Village and Maspeth can do to improve the stature of their community. You can obtain a copy of The New York City Department of Sanitation “Digest of Codes” from your community board office located at 61-23 Myrtle Ave, Glendale NY 11385. This handbook outlines all the requirements of the code and the responsibilities of the citizens. And, like the Doyle Family all the citizens of Middle Village should respect their community, Pitch in – Pick it up – Keep it clean & keep it safe.

Clearly, if we all adhere to the following simple sanitary do's and don'ts our neighborhood will be looking much cleaner:

– Don't put your garbage out in plastic or paper shopping bags.
– Don't place your household garbage in the NYC litter baskets that are placed in commercial locations.
– Don't leave your shopping bag at the bus stop with yesterday's garbage packed neatly inside.
– Don't dump old tires, batteries, paint cans, construction debris and the like along the roadside in non-residential sections of our village. There is a bounty hunters program in effect and the fines are very heavy they range from 1,500 dollars to 20,000 thousand dollars. Incidentally, the bounty hunter receives half the fine. For example, if the fine is 5,000 dollars the bounty hunter will receive 2,500 dollars.
– Do provide a sufficient number of heavy-duty 32-gallon receptacles with secure lids to contain all your household garbage.
– Do recycle your garbage in accordance with the NYC Dept of Sanitation requirements.
– Do put out bulk garbage (as neatly as possible) only on your designated day.
– Do call the NYC Dept. of Sanitation to make an appointment for the evacuation of the gases from refrigerators, air conditioner freezers etc. before placing them out for pickup.
– Do sweep your sidewalk and 18-inches into the roadbed.

Doyles Cleaning Up this Town
After reading Ed's article and seeing those photos of so much neglect and filth, you would start to think that “that's the way it is” and we just have to put up with it. No, we don't. Almost just around the corner from this disgrace live the Doyles.

Just last week, Kevin Doyle, living in Middle Village's most northern boundary sent the letter below as a loving tribute to his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Laurence and Reta, who have their home up the block from Kevin. For a number of years they refuse to put up with the graffiti and filth. Twice daily, the Doyles clean up a several block area by their home. Compare the photos of the roadway alongside the Doyles to the previous photos of the area right nearby.
– Bob Doocey

“Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you about my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Laurence and Reta Doyle of 81st Street and the Queens Midtown Expressway.

I feel that they should be recognized for their long-standing efforts to keep the neighborhood clean. Almost every day, no matter what the weather, they can be seen cleaning up the garbage, which constantly collects along the L.I.E. wall from 80th Street and the Queens Midtown Expressway up to 82nd Street.

They paint over graffiti as soon as they see it the following morning. They do this without ever calling the Sanitation Department or involving local Assemblypersons. They do it because they care about where they live and its appearance. If they didn't put forth the effort to do this I can only imagine what the state of this area would be in. I think most people in the area take it for granted that garbage will be picked up by the Sanitation Department but unfortunately this is not the case.

They have lived here for over 30 years and have endured the Long Island Expressway expansion, which turned their block into a major construction site with dust and dirt.

After construction ended, they were left with the giant, unsightly concrete sound barrier wall. This stretch of roadway is not in direct view of houses so many people feel that they can throw out their garbage, anything from a large garbage bag or bags of fast food or bottles and cans. No matter how often garbage is dumped, they are always there to clean it up as soon as possible.

They have taught me great lessons on how important it is to keep the community clean. I have learned by their actions and I am extremely proud of them. They are modest people and would never ask to be recognized for this, that's why I am writing to you. The Middle Village/Maspeth/Elmhurst area is a nice area and must be kept clean.

Many thanks and best regards,

Kevin Doyle
A resident of 81st Street”

Is there a moral to this?