Civic finds a cable company that actually cares (& delivers)!

After many frustrating months of dealing with Time Warner’s Roadrunner Cable Modem Service, Juniper Park Civic Association President, Bob Holden, turned to RCN. Tired of service outages and long waits for service, he discovered that RCN would provide him with more than just a better customer experience. “When I opened the door and saw the installer standing at my front door wearing blue booties (see photo, left) I wasn’t sure what to expect,” Bob recalls. “The installer must have seen the look of surprise on my face because he chuckled and explained that he didn’t want to dirty my floors.” “He even stayed behind after the installation was finished to explain how to use my remote control.”

But RCN is not just about good customer service. It’s about providing the best of what all telecommunications providers have to offer – Cable TV, Phone and Internet, from a single provider, for much less than you would expect to pay buying your services from more than one provider.

RCN’s New POWER Bundles
RCN’s offering is a refreshing change compared to the standard fare. First of all, RCN’s POWER CPI Bundle lets customers choose from an array of premium channels, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian and more, as part of their package at no extra charge. You even get to choose your phone features. Plus, RCN delivers the fastest residential Internet connection in New York – MegaModem Mach 5.

Mega Modem Mach 5
RCN’s MegaModem comes with all of the features of High-Speed Internet, but at 5.0 Mbps, it downloads 3X faster than DSL and RoadRunner, and can send files 6X faster than DSL and more than twice as fast as RoadRunner. Hands down, this is the fastest Internet connection you can get in New York.

HDTV – Now with CBS in High Definition
Already the best HD offering in NYC with 10 channels of High Definition TV, RCN continues to raise the bar – adding yet another network, CBS HD in January. See 6 to 10 times the picture detail and widescreen format Dolby Digital 5.1 on your HDTV.

iT Tv on RCN Channel 8
In December RCN launched iT Tv, a creation of the Emmy Award-winning RCN Entertainment. A home for independent television / film producers and their original programming, iT Tv is the first and only network with program schedules developed and modified by customer feedback. iT Tv delivers innovative programming designed especially for RCN subscribers in the New York market and includes Best of iT, a show that takes you on a comical quest for excellence as the host, Jim O’Connor, checks out the “Best of New York” top ten lists. The iT Tv schedule also includes other exciting programming including children’s and lifestyle segments and much more. Best of all, your feedback counts – rank shows, rate the hosts and exchange opinions with other viewers on

RCN in New York
With all that RCN has to offer, it’s really no surprise that even tenants in Time Warner’s namesake Time Warner building in New York City, watch RCN’s Cable TV, surf the Internet using RCN’s MegaModem Mach 5 and make their calls over RCN’s phone lines. “Our focus is on providing customers with the best possible customer experience,” said PK Ramani, General Manager, RCN New York. “That means, the best bundled services, at the right price and a whole lot more.”

For more information about RCN’s products and services, call 1.800.RING.RCN.