La Fres Ford Rent-A-Car
6l-l9 Fresh Pond Road
Middle Village, N.Y. 7l8-628-ll55

I had the opportunity to talk to Oscar Garcia, who is the Manager of La Fres Ford Rent-A-Car located on Fresh Pond Road in Middle Village, Queens.

Oscar came to the United States from Honduras in l978. He attended Franklin K. Lane H.S., Baruch College and is currently working towards a degree at Queens College.

In l995 when La Fres Ford decided to have a total transportation network, the decision was made to start the rent-a-car business. The thought was that if a La Fres customer needed to rent a car what better way to provide the service than right through the La Fres system? You provide a needed service to an existing customer and you can eventually get new customers familiar with the La Fres name. It’s a win-win situation.

They started with l0 cars and now have a peak number of about 90 cars. Their goal is to have about l50 cars in the rent-a-car end of the business. Oscar Garcia oversees the whole rent-a-car system.

So far it has been a successful venture and Oscar stated that they are looking into the possibility of branching out to other parts of Queens.

Oscar is quick to mention that La Fres gives back to the community big time by buying many of their supplies from the local businesses in the Middle Village/Maspeth area. He said La Fres lends cars to various neighborhood churches and sporting organizations. For instances, the Midville Dodgers, our local youth amateur sports teams, has a van
donated by La Fres during the Summer. At times the La Fres cars are used in the local parades and celebrations.

Oscar Garcia is very enthusiastic about his job. He feels that the La Fres name goes a long way to holding existing customers and making new ones through their excellent reputation in the field.

Oscar is married with a ten year old daughter. He proudly states he is a soccer Dad. He is also active in St. Mels R.C. Church in North Flushing and the Flushing Y.M.C.A.

Oscar Garcia, La Fres Ford Rent-A-Car and La Fres Ford all come from our good friend, Artie La Fres. Artie is a local boy who made good.

He continues to give back to the community by employing many of the local people and enabling a young guy with the talents of Oscar Garcia to run a successful business.

All this points out what we have said many times. It is smart and rewarding to do business in your own neighborhood. Reputation and accountability are priceless business tools and where better to experience these valuable commodities in the marketplace than in your own community?

Good luck Oscar Garcia. Your ambition and expertise will reward us with an excellent service in our neighborhood.