Federal legislation funds $30 million for aircraft noise reduction technology research.

Today U.S. Citizens Aviation Watch Association (US.CAWA), an international coalition of municipalities and community groups formed to oppose aviation noise and pollution, announced that the amendment to House Resolution 1654,The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Authorization Act of 1999, passed 223-203, in the United States Congress.

The amendment accomplishes two important objectives. First, it allocates $30 million over a period of three years to help abate aviation noise. Second, it shows the public that U.S. Representatives are taking a stand against noise issues.

Jack Saporito, US-CAW President, stated “Most of all, we would like to thank Congressman Anthony Weiner
of New York for working hard to introduce the amendment and getting it passed.”

Jack Saporito stressed that it is important to contact the 225 Congressmen who voted for the amendment, saying “It may have been difficult for the lawmakers to vote against the aviation industry, since the industry gives legislators millions of dollars worth of support.” Citizens are encouraged to contact their legislators to remind them that noise, environment, public health and other quality of life issues are directly related to aviation operations.
US-CAW is disappointed in the 203 Congressmen who voted against the amendment. The group is also interested in learning why 5 legislators abstained from voting on the amendment.

US CAW will continue to report legislative voting records, keeping close watch on federal legislation involving aviation pollution. Their guiding principle advocates a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry.

There are currently two bills before the U.S. Senate and House that will double the number of aircraft over our heads, the noise in our ears, and the pollution in our lungs. Because of these bills, there are some legislators that are calling the 106th Congress the “Congress of Aviation.” For the millions of people living in and around airports, it will be the “Congress of Aggravation” unless we stop these bills and the related airport expansion.

Join US-CAW in supporting a moratorium on airport expansion and help us defeat the Air Transportation Improvement Act (S.82-John McCain) and FAA FY99 Authorization Bill (HR.99-Bud Schuster). Stop the serious and deadly air, water, noise and ground pollution that the EPA predicts will double and triple WITHIN THE NEXT DECADE.

Please support a moratorium, aviation operation's health study and meaningful relief for those victims.

Please call Jack Saporito at (847) 506-0670 if you have any questions.