I love doing the spotlights of our local business for the Juniper Berry. It gives me the opportunity to talk to the people who make their living in Middle Village.

Our spotlight this issue is Sunrise to Sunset Tanning Salon on Eliot Avenue and 71st Street in Middle Village (opposite OLH School). It was not a big stretch for its owner, Carolann Magna, to resettle in Middle Village because theoretically she never left.

Carolann is a native of Middle Village, attended St. Margaret’s RC School, St. Francis Prep and has a BA in psychology from St. John’s University. She is young, bright and focused and as I spoke to her I had no doubt that Carolann will be a success with whatever she tries.

I asked Carolann what triggered her decision to open a tanning salon in Middle Village since I think it’s not a likely area for such a facility. She responded very simply with the statement that she lived here and when she wanted tanning services she had to travel to other areas. She concluded that if she had to travel outside her neighborhood to find tanning salons, there must be other people with the same problem. She was right.

Sunrise to Sunset has been very successful since its opening in August of 1996. Their services range from mild tanning to the highest level for those who want the optimum tan. There are several pricing packages to choose from and many of her original clients are still her loyal customers since the opening in 1996.

This surprised me, there is a whole segment of the population who go to Sunrise to Sunset before their vacation in the sun so they may get their skin ready for the rays. I guess you would call it a “prep” session. Carolann also said some of her clients who suffer from seasonal stress disorder, which is a disorder that certain individuals experience in the winter months because of the lack of sunshine, get some relief with their problem from the exposure to the sun lamps. The light of the sun lamps helps these clients cope with the long dreary winter months.

I asked Carolann the question that is always on the minds of people when they think about tanning and the possibility of harmful exposure to the sun. What about wrinkles and skin cancer threats? Her response was simple, if a person comes in who is fair, she advises them to use the level one strength and she is very careful about the doses. Discretion is the name of the game in these situations and yes, many of her clients are fair skinned people who want a light tan.

She said she has a good many clients with acne and psoriasis who feel they get beneficial results from a mild form of tanning. She said that she understands the pressures of having these disorders and she has special, flexible pricing plan for these individuals. In other words, there is a strong compassionate side to Carolann Magna and it reflects itself in her desire to help those who have stubborn skin disorders.

In general, Sunrise to Sunset looks at sunlight as a good thing and given her very obvious responsible demeanor, Carolann instills confidence in her client base. They have responded with their strong support of her tanning business.

Carolann’s generosity also manifests itself in other areas. She gives very generously to OLH School and local charities. When the JPCA has its Christmas Raffle, Sunrise to Sunset is right there with a generous gift. She helps cover the graffiti on the stores in her area recognizing that graffiti is a blight that must be removed immediately. All this doesn’t surprise us because Carolann Magna is smart and she knows how to play the game of living outside her immediate world.

Carolann is a licensed esthetician which means she can handle a wide range of skin care situations. She herself has beautiful, lightly tanned skin and I met her husband, Andrew, and he too, has perfect skin with a beautiful tan. The two of them are great advertisements for their business. Give them a visit and see for yourself. You’ll want to sign up for some rays!

Sunrise to Sunset sells products that are on the cutting edge of skin care and when you see how focused and responsible Carolann is you realize that she is a person who will push the boundaries of her entrepreneurial capabilities.