“Semper Fidelis”

Edward Kampermann was born on July 25, 1936 at St. John’s Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. His parents Helen Agnes Connelly and Edward Kampermann were pleased to welcome a second son to their Ridgewood home. Ed refers to his older brother William (Bill), now retired, as the “financial wizard” of the family. His now deceased sister, Delores Borger, was welcomed with delight by two “big” brothers. Ed speaks with pride about “his three sons.” Raymond, a Forest Hills resident, is employed in elevator construction and is an accomplished piano technician. Michael is presently a vice-president with Payne Weber in McGregor, Texas. Kevin, an architect, lives in Seattle, Washington. When asked about his grandchildren, Ed’s face lights up as he whips out a wallet photo of now 15 year-old Katie, and 13 year-old Sean. Ed met his future wife, Jomarie Smid, at D’s Den on Queens Boulevard in 1972. One year later, they “tied the knot” in Yonkers. Ed lovingly refers to his beautiful and charming wife as “the wind beneath my wing” and “an artistic genius.” They moved to Middle Village 26 years ago. According to Jomarie, they “just love it here.”

Ed attended St. Matin of Tours grade school in Ridgewood. He graduated from Bushwick High School in 1954. Shortly thereafter he joined the United States Marine Corps, where he proudly and faithfully served his country for three years, until his honorable discharge in 1957. Taking advantage of his veteran status, Ed applied to the RCA Institute and completed course work to become an electronic technician. Like his dad and namesake, who worked at Hunter College, he sought employment in the elevator construction business. He spent most of his work years, as an adult, involved with the Elevator Construction Union. While employed, he also went to school at night and earned 65 credits toward a degree at Queens College.

Until recently, Ed was involved with the Marine Corps League and even served as Commandant for a number of years. When he retired from the elevator construction business on February 1, 2002, Ed was drawn to involvement within the Middle Village community. His retirement occurred shortly after the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster. He noticed the scarcity of American flags flying in the area. He contacted Robert Holden, President of Juniper Park Civic Association, and they decided on a more permanent display of the flag, as well a more appropriate remembrance of 9/11. Hence, thanks to Mr. Kampermann and Mr. Holden, as one drives around the streets of Middle Village, one can see memorial banner flags flying in 137 locations throughout the area. Besides being an active and articulate member of the Juniper Park Civic Association, Ed is a regular and vocal attendee at COP104 meetings, and recently applied to become a member of Community Board #5 in Queens.

Ed and Jomarie like to “help others.” In their spare time, they enjoy going to see drama movies. A fitness buff, Ed works out at the gym 4 or 5 five times a week. He believes in the “sound body, sound mind” theory for a healthy lifestyle. He speaks, with pride, of being a participant in a 150-mile bicycle race, which raised money for Multiple Sclerosis.

In his life, Ed actualizes the Marine Corps motto—Semper Fidelis—“always faithful to family, friends, and the community.” Ed and Jomarie devote many hours a week to what he refers to as “works of mercy.” Together they joyfully prepare and deliver meals to homebound friends, who are unable to cook for themselves. They also transport friends to supermarkets and visits to doctors, dentists, and other specialists.