April 22 saw the filming of the NBC drama “The Blacklist” at the Broadway Stages lot in Glendale. The shoot called for a “controlled explosion” which requires a special permit. The actual explosion was of such magnitude that it rattled nearby homes, with several residents of Doran Avenue complaining about having suffered cracked foundations and walls. Thick black smoke wafted over the neighborhood creating air pollution, and the incident was for some reason timed to happen during school dismissal. Residents on the block adjacent to the studio called Channel 2 news to report the mayhem. The excitement generated by filming in the area is usually not only well tolerated but welcome. Questions about the judgment of the production company, the studio owner and the person at City Hall that thought this was a good idea must be asked and answered. As The Blacklist is a Kaufman -Astoria production, and the studio was given permission by the city to close and take over one whole block of a city street in order to create a private outdoor set, we have to wonder why they didn’t just film it on their own property. Due to this incident, the public safety committee of Community Board 5 will be contacting Broadway Stages and asking for more detailed information about their plans for future filmed explosions and how they plan to notify their neighbors and prevent damage to their homes.