Community Service Awards
At the December Town Meeting, Juniper Park Civic President, Robert Holden presented State Senator Serf Maltese and Councilman Tom Ognibene 1998 Community Service Awards for their outstanding dedication to the neighborhood. Other winners included Community Board Five Chairman Frank Principe, Ed Shusterich, Ruth and John Kempisty, Pete Polonski, Dennis Gallagher, and Steve Fiedler. These individuals have contributed greatly in making our community one of the most livable towns in the City of New York.

City Tech Design Students Take Aim At Red Light Runners
In an effort to help cut down on traffic fatalities and injuries resulting from red light runners, design students from New York City Technical College have created dozens of posters, billboards and newspaper ads to address the growing problem. Professor Robert Holden’s class worked on the month long project which resulted in a presentation of their ideas to Councilman Ognibene at City Hall. Ognibene and aid, Constance Tinneny selected their favorites which will be presented to Elmhurst Hospital Center in March and eventually printed and distributed throughout the city. The students pictured all volunteered to work on the project during their semester break in January.

Principe’s Year
In 1999 Juniper Berry is planning to publish stories on the life and experiences of Frank Principe, “Mr. Maspeth.” In December of this year, Maspeth’s #1 citizen will turn 90 years of age. Mr. Principe has given a lifetime of service to his country and community. When most people would be retired and relaxing after a lifetime of hard work, he continues to dedicate his life helping others. He is about to enter his 4th year as Community Board Five Chairman and is president of the West Maspeth local Development Corporation. All of us are fortunate to know and have him looking out for Maspeth.

Shusterich Signs Up
Ed Shusterich in his relentless march toward the improvement of Juniper Valley Park’s “green zone,” around the Pullis Farm Cemetery, successfully petitioned for a sign about the history of the park. Shusterich and friends have done a wonderful job as volunteers at the Pullis site and beyond. They did such a great job that wedding photographers are using the area as a backdrop in their photos.

7-Eleven Is Here… Protest Next?
As of this printing, the 7-Eleven Convenience Store
(located on the corner of 72nd Street and Eliot Avenue) opposed by the Juniper Park Civic Association, is about to open. The building was completed in December but the opening was stalled. A report on the convenience store will be issued at the March 25th meeting (7:45pm OLH Cafeteria). At the October and December 1998 Town Meetings, the membership voted to picket the site in protest of the opening. Many residents fear it will become a late night hangout and will bring crime into the area.