The Juniper Park Civic Association has arranged with the Juniper Juniors to remove snow for our senior neighbors.
Seniors just need to phone the Civic’s office: 718-651-5865.The Civic will contact a Junior who lives nearest to the homeowner. The Junior will then contact the homeowner to arrange the snow removal. The Juniper Junior is willing to remove snow for reasonable payment. The homeowner and the Junior will make those arrangements. The Civic Association will receive no payment. These Juniper Juniors are the youngsters who have been removing graffiti throughout our community, helping plant daffodils in Juniper Park, and who have been learning to become good citizens and our future community leaders.

Snow removal is another opportunity for these youngsters to make another contribution.

Juniper Civic Wins T.A.'s first Neighborhood Streets Network Traffic Calming Grants
The Juniper Park Civic Association of Middle Village and the East 23rd Street Block Association in Flatbush, Brooklyn have a new ally in their battle for calmer streets.They are the winners of T.A.'s first-ever Traffic Calming Grant program. Each group will receive $2,000 in consulting time, $500 for printing and materials related
to the project and an NSN Traffic Buster Tool Kit with a noise meter, measuring wheel and counter.

Traffic Calming expert Michael King already worked with the
JPCA, representatives of the community, and members of
Community Board #5. King worked with the JPCA on the Grand
Avenue/69th Street study.The plan is to slow speeding cars,
improve pedestrian safety and reduce traffic.

Cash N’ Carry Causes Serious Problems on Grand Avenue
A wholesale distributor on Grand Avenue near 74th Street is causing serious and dangerous pedestrian and traffic problems. As their trucks back into the loading platform, most block the sidewalk and even some larger trucks block one lane of Grand Avenue.

Residents tried talking to the owner to no avail. This issue was the main topic of the November COP104 meeting.The JPCA has notified the Department of Transportation to remedy the situation.