Tiffany Elliott was born on December 2, 1969 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. She was the only child born to the marriage of Dana and David VanBlarcom, who were seventeen years old at the time of her birth. Her parents divorced when Tiffany was a child, and she was raised both by her mother and maternal aunt, Roberta. At the present time her Mom, who is remarried, lives in Tennessee and raises horses on a ranch. Her Dad is also remarried and lives in Ramsey, New Jersey with his wife and two young sons, Daniel and Tyler. Tiffany met the man of her dreams, Dean M. Elliott, a British Professional Soccer Player, in 1995. At the time, he was also coaching a children’s soccer team. One year later, they married in style in a suite at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, surrounded by a small group of family and friends. Their oldest son, Max, was born in 1997. Max, now a vivacious four-and-a-half year old, is a student at a Universal Pre-Kindergarten at Forest Hills West. Shortly before their 14 month old son, Riley, arrived, Tiffany and Dean became the proud owners of their present home in Middle Village, and thus began their community activism journey.


Tiffany attended elementary school in both Midland Park, New Jersey and Florida, New York. Her high school years were spent in West Milford, New Jersey. Her favorite subjects were English and Writing. Following high school, her sights were set on attending Parsons School of Design, but due to financial constraints, it was necessary for her to seek employment following graduation. Before the arrival of their children, Tiffany was employed by many companies. Her primary career path was in advertising and information technology. Most of the positions she held were as Personal and or Executive Assistantships, where computers, graphics design, and computer artwork were key components of the job. She considers herself fortunate to be exposed to on-the-job training in computers in such New York companies as: ACI, Partners and Shevack, Mauro and Mauro, and Grey Advertising. She enjoyed a work environment where she “had to keep people organized,” and was happiest when there were multiple demands on her time and abundant energy.


When Max was born, Tiffany became a “stay-at-home” Mom, and was even more involved when Riley arrived three years later. Nevertheless in her moments of solitude, she sought opportunities to become a change agent within her community. She did not hesitate to call city agencies, organizations or public officials when she had specific complaints and usually found a responsiveness which was gratifying. Her motto became: “one person can make a difference.” Her computer also became her lifeline. So when she discovered Juniper Park Civic Association’s e-mail address, which is, she established a mutually enhancing connection. Robert Holden, President, invited Tiffany to become part of the Executive Committee of JPCA, and she has become an invaluable asset to the organization in a brief period of time. She is particularly interested in issues relating to children and the environment. Tree planting, to enhance the environment, as well as to curtail noise and pollution, is an area of on-going interest for Tiffany. Request for street trees may be made directly to Mrs. Elliott, addressed to the Juniper Park Civic Association, PO Box 790275, Middle Village 11379. She is also an active participant in the Park’s Department Greenstreets Project. Greenstreets, begun in 1986, and revived in 1994, is a citywide urban beautification program to convert paved, unused traffic islands into green spaces filled with trees, flowers, shrubs and ground cover. Only recently, Tiffany organized the dedication of two local Greenstreets spaces: Nanny Goat Hill Triangle on 82nd Street and 58th Ave., and The Carl Berner Triangle on 81st Street and 58th Avenue. Juniper Park is another favorite location of Tiffany and her two boys. She has been instrumental in organizing a Children’s Safety Day, a Reading and Story Telling Event, and a Halloween Festival in the Park. Tiffany is also an active member of COP104, and at most meetings is persistent in presenting policing issues to the Police Captain, especially those relating to safety and quality of life issues in her neighborhood.


In her spare time, Tiffany likes to cook. Her kitchen cabinet displays an array of well-used cookbooks.
When Max and Riley get older, Tiffany would like to secure gainful employment in a position reflecting the types of activities she has grown to enjoy in recent years, i.e.: outdoor programs for children and seniors, environmental and quality of life improvements, leadership within civic and community organizations, and writing for community-related journals and magazines. In closing, a quote from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night might be appropriate to characterize this rising young Middle Village star: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”