I remember being in North Carolina at the time celebrating my grandfather’s 100th birthday.
I remember us getting an early round of golf in that morning and seeing on the TV in the pro shop, a plane that went into the WTC (like all of us, they figured it was a small plane).
I remember getting a phone call from a fellow firefighter’s wife telling us about 2nd plane.
I remember getting back to our condo to make plans on driving back to NY since all flights were grounded.
I remember knowing our son (an FDNY probie) was working that day and had no idea where he was or how to reach him.
I remember the ride home, in silence, afraid to talk about the possibility of not hearing anything from or about our son.
I remember how the roads heading north were deserted.
I remember being stopped at least 3 times by State Troopers for speeding and after explaining who we were, they shook our hands, wished us God speed and sent us on our way.
I remember getting close to DC and smelling the fuel from the plane that went into the Pentagon.
I remember finally hearing from a relative that our son was safe since he was only able to get in touch with her on her landline.
I remember not seeing my husband for days because he needed to be down at Ground Zero looking for his fellow firefighters.
I remember sitting in our firehouse with all the spouses of the missing firefighters and praying that there would be good news for the 15 members that left that morning but knowing that each hour and then days that passed confirmed they weren’t returning.
I remember how our city, our country and the entire world came together as one.
I remember and will never forget.
God bless America!