The JPCA is celebrating its 70th year in 2008. Our dinner/dance will be held at Abbracciamento’s
Restaurant for Saturday, November 1, 2008, 7pm. Save the date.

John and Maria Abbracciamento very generously have given us a great price because they know the JPCA and its reputation in the neighborhood. John stated immediately that he wants to work with us to make this a memorable event.

The cost will be an unprecedented $55 a head for a sit-down dinner of – Hot & cold appetizers family style individual pasta, individual dinner choice of 3 (Veal, Chicken, Broiled Salmon) 70th Anniversary Cake, coffee & tea and open bar.

JPCA Executive Board member, Gary Colter, will generously donate his D/J services.

November 1, 2008 promises to be a festive celebration of our very successful Juniper Park Civic Association, and
hopefully all who can, will attend. Success will depend on our members making their own table of ten or twelve, so
reserve early.

The 70th Anniversary Committee will be chaired by JPCA Executive Board member and retired firefighter, John
Killcommons, and the Committee will consist of Lu Sadowski, Gary Colter, Manny Caruana and Lorraine Sciulli.

I can tell you, our neighborhood would look a lot different if we didn’t have the JPCA over the last 70 years.

I remember the civic fights from when I was a kid and my parents and their neighbors out there in the front lines of
civic warfare. They taught us well but, above all, the lesson you learned was that you cannot sit back and let stuff happen and expect to preserve your neighborhood as a livable and viable place for yourself and future generations.

Go to our web page at and read about the 70-year legacy of our parents and our great JPCA. Help us celebrate that legacy and another 70 successful years!

So dig out your fancy outfits, round up your friends and families and fill those tables at Abbraciamento’s on
November 1, 2008! It will be here before you know it!

To reserve tickets, please mail check for $55 per person to

Juniper Park Civic Association
P.O. Box 790275
Middle Village, NY 11379