On Saturday, May 5th Juniper Park Civic Assn. and Juniper Juniors members led by Len Santoro cleaned 57th Ave. near the south entrance of Elmhurst Park. The volunteers, cleaned and painted the CSX railroad bridge wall and swept the entire area. This was the 5th clean up in 12 months that the JPCA has undertaken. Previous sites were: Eliot Avenue/CSX bridge, 69th Place/ Juniper Boulevard South bridge, 69th Street railroad bridge and the 57th railroad bridge. The volunteers were: Nicholas Ambio, Giuseppe Vicino, Richard Polgar, Lorrie Dooley, Peter Ilse, Jennifer Gammone, Joe Termine, Lydon Sleeper, Angelo Raneri, Barbara Santoro, Len Santoro and Bob Holden. The clean-up event was part of the “Love Your Block” Citizens Committee of NY grant which the JPCA received earlier this year.