All too often in life we take things for granted. We get lazy, we get distracted. We have too many things on our minds, too many things to do, places to go. We’re always on the move. And yet there are some people who don’t have that luxury. For them simple tasks are struggles. I’m writing about heroes. I’m writing about the military, service men and women.

We’ve all seen film clips on newscasts of men and women in uniform running to greet their loved ones. We can’t help but smile, tears may come to our eyes. It’s only natural. It’s a beautiful sight. It’s a welcome relief.

But what about those servicemen and servicewomen who are wounded? What about the brave men and women whose sacrifice is great, is overwhelming? What happens to them? Who takes care of them? Where do they live? Are the homes they move into equipped to handle all of their needs?

Unknown to most Americans, the U.S. Government only provides an once-in-a-lifetime payment of less than $64,000 dollars to severely wounded military personnel to adapt their homes to be handicap accessible. Homes For Our Troops- a national non-profit 501 C (3)- builds entire handicap houses at no cost whatsoever to those young men and women.

Founded by John Gonsalves in 2004, Homes For Our Troops has been committed to helping servicemen and servicewomen from all branches of the military who have returned home with serious disabilities. This organization helps raise money for building materials and professional labor in order to build homes that will provide maximum freedom of movement and the ability to live more independent lives. Homes are being built all around the country. Some existing homes are being modified, renovated, to address the specific needs for particular disabilities. The money donated is spent wisely and all accounted for. This is a wonderful and compassionate organization.

Our homes are where we seek comfort and shelter. It’s where we know we are loved. No matter where we go or what we do, we always come home. And we always look forward to coming home. We need to help the brave men and women who have served this great nation. We need to give them a home where they feel comfortable, where they feel safe; where they can proudly display the red, white and blue of the American flag. It’s the very least we can do for the sacrifices they’ve made. Home is where the heart is! Let’s make that true for our heroes.

Homes For Our Troops can be found at or you may call toll free 1-866-7- TROOPS, 1-866-787-6677. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Homes For Our Troops is located at 6 Main Street, Taunton, Ma. Thank you.

Lois Imbriano Barber formerly of Maspeth, who attended J.H.S. 73 as well as Grover Cleveland High School, is a dedicated supporter of Homes For Our Troops. Lois is currently living in Connecticut.