Yes indeed, this is the paramount question before the electorate in the City of New York; will the honest, hard working, taxpayers of this great metropolis summon the moral courage to join together irrespective of the color of their skin, their race, their religious beliefs, their ethnicity, their economic status or any other factor that would ordinarily separate them to lift the economic and educational burden that the Democratic Party has placed on us all? In The City of New York the word bipartisan has been expunged from the political vocabulary. When you have a City Council with 45 Democrats and 5 Republicans the issues to be voted on cannot be thoroughly debated and examined in depth wherein it is subjected to a cogent argument being presented on both sides of the aisle before a vote is taken. The Council is basically a rubber stamp for the wishes of the Speaker of the Council, the very liberal, Christine Quinn. This political imbalance has led to the speaker’s disciples presenting deleterious bills that are rubber stamped into law despite, in some cases, the Mayor’s veto. And, this lopsided Democratic control of legislatures in many states and cities is the root of the financial bankruptcy that they face. Clearly, New Yorkers do not want to be like the State of California – BROKE.

Our 30th Council District is a prime example of the downside of nepotism. As a result or condition of the 2008 Dennis Gallagher rape plea, Congressman Joe Crowley, Chairman of the Queens County Democratic Party and a resident of the great State of Virginia, presented his unqualified cousin, Elizabeth Crowley, in a special election to fill the seat of the disgraced Republican, Gallagher. Needless to say, it was not even a contest, because the Democratic political machine uses private unions, such as the SEIU, and public employee union like the UFT, the NYPD, and just about every other public employee union as foot soldiers. Yes! They eagerly act as ground troops because they will be rewarded in their paychecks with contracts that overburden the taxpayer. Elizabeth’s election to fill the special term gave her the momentum, despite other challengers, to win a four-year term as the 30th Council District representative.
As our representative she has delivered nothing but irresponsibility. For example she co-sponsored and voted for a bill that prevents the Department of Corrections from cooperating with ICE (Immigration & Custom Enforcement) regarding criminal illegals held at Riker’s Island Prison; she voted to eliminate the NYPD’s policy of “Stop and Frisk,” (incidentally at a recent press conference, Patrick Lynch the PBA President, was video recorded whispering answers to question regarding “Stop and Frisk” in her ear) a police tool that has been very effective in keeping the New York City murder rate very low, particularly in the African American communities. She has not delivered on any of her election promises to fund certain community enhancement projects. She has lied about her academic credentials. She has taken credit for downzoning accomplishments that she basically did nothing to achieve. And, now the “Tin god” Elizabeth Crowley, who does not even know how to place the correct preposition in a campaign poster, wants to be elected to Congress. In Congress she will be able to add her irresponsible stewardship of her constituents' vote to cousin Joe’s irresponsible pandering to immigrant families with false promises that have kept them living in the shadows and not assimilating into the American Culture of Freedom.

Yes, Elizabeth, cousin of “ Virginia Joe” Crowley one of the most contradictory liberal congressman, who recently displayed the conundrum in his mind with his babble regarding his proposed $70 billion bill to nationally fund first responders and teachers while he voted to de-fund the NYPD. Naturally, this babble came forth in front of the new police academy building being constructed in College Point. I note, representatives of the NYPD, the FDNY and of course the UFT surround him. For further details, I refer you to the Monday, May 14, 2012 article posted on the very astute and independently reliable “Queens Crap,” one news media that definitely knows crap. And, has the courage to focus an analytical lens on subjects that others wish to shield from scrutiny.