Our Park Department Spotlight shines on Rene Herrera who is the Parks Regional Manager for Districts 5 and 6.

Rene Herrera started his job with the NYC Parks Department in 1988. He rose up the ladder to Associate City Parks Worker and then Promotional Parks Supervisor prior to being promoted to Parks Regional Manager in 2002. It is Rene’s responsibility to oversee District 5 and District 6 and make sure the properties within those districts are maintained. It’s a big job when you consider that there are 79 properties in District 5 and 37 in District 6.

Prior to being the Parks Regional Manager for Districts 5 and 6 Rene was in Districts 3, 4 and District 16, which included Forest Park and Highland Park.

Rene stated that he works closely with the NYC Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, the community boards and the other groups within his districts, such as the JPCA.

It is Rene Herrera’s job as the Parks Regional Manager to see to it that the parks, park houses, Green Streets, triangles, sitting areas, to name just a few of the sites to be maintained within his districts are kept in good shape. He has 8 permanent workers, who are based in the Juniper Park Field House, to do the work and an additional 15 job training participants. They are all dispatched to their jobs from the Field House in Juniper.

Rene stated that his job is made so much easier when he can work with groups such as the Juniper Park Civic Association because we are totally involved in the community work. He said he has often told other groups where there isn’t as much oversight from the neighborhood to get in touch with the JPCA to get our guidance on how to navigate the vast responsibility of making sure their neighborhood is kept up to par. Rene said he wishes all neighborhoods had groups like the JPCA because it makes his job easier when the community is totally involved with maintenance. Isn’t it nice to hear that the JPCA is a role model for other areas where they need help in being involved in the work of their neighborhood?

On the personal side Rene is married with 3 children and he lives in Woodhaven. He is a personable, likable guy and determined to be helpful. In my dealings with him I have always found him to be professional and efficient, responding very quickly if there is a problem. We are fortunate to have Rene Herrera as our Parks Regional Manager and we wish him continued success in that role.