Speeding Motorcycles

Dear Editor:

I am writing in the hope that my concerns will be heard on the ongoing problem of speeding motorcycles and cars on Juniper Boulevard North between 80th Street and Lutheran Avenue in Middle Village. Night after night I am kept awake by the loud revving of motor engines. Because there is no speed reducer in place for almost 12 blocks, this area has become a perfect spot for illegal speeding and drag racing. This area of the boulevard also borders Juniper Valley Park which is heavily trafficked by children, dog walkers and the elderly. I am particularly concerned that if the speeding and racing continues someone will be seriously injured or killed in an accident. I am requesting that the Civic Association intercede to correct this problem so that the quality of life in this beautiful area is again restored. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Andrea Perrell
Middle Village

Keep ‘Em Leashed

To The Editor:

I write concerning the Parks Dept. plans to allow dogs to be off their leashes.

My husband and I used to walk in Crocheron/Golden Park early in the morning. We did this for a long time and then we would be walking and a dog would be off the leash and run to us. Oh yes, the owner would come along like Santa Claus shouting, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Don’t worry, he won’t bite.” By then, the dog would be very close, and I would be very frightened.

This happened a number of times. Some of the dogs were large. Some of the dogs were overly friendly or overly aggressive. When we talked to some of the owners, they explained that the dogs could run free early in the morning. We pointed out to some owners that their dogs had defecated in the park and the owners would sort of shrug. We would then point out that children, too, ran freely in the park and should not have to fear running into feces. And I tried to tell them that their dogs frightened me.

They suggested that we not walk in the park early in the morning. We also did not wish to have these unpleasant conversations. So we gave the park to the dogs in the morning.

Well, then we would walk in the park during the day. On some afternoons, there were obedience classes and after the classes, the owners —I suspect to reward the dogs— would unleash them and we would have more then one dog run at us.

So we gave Crocheron/Golden Park to the dogs! We now walk the sidewalks and no longer walk in the park.

We strongly support not allowing dogs to be off the leash.

Rita Krich

That’s just garbage!

Dear Bob,

Our appreciation and gratitude to you for helping us rectify the horrendous garbage situation next door to us. Thanks for calling Angelo Tricarico, Supervisor at the Dept. Of Sanitation, today to follow up with him.

Attached are photos my husband took this weekend that show views of the trash on BOTH sides of the houses, as well as the front. These show only a three-day accumulation since the last pickup last Thursday. You can only imagine what it looks like there when they fail to put out the trash and miss one or more pickups. Trash is only prepared for collection the night before, and until then, it is in total disarray.

Because of a rodent problem with us and many other families on our block, we filed a complaint with the Dept. of Health last week.

A million thanks.
Anna and Tony Demeri
Middle Village

Mother knows best

Hi Bob,

Nice job as usual with the Berry. Mom really enjoyed your article on the lack of computer resources at the 104th precinct. Since I taught her all of the basics of using computers a few years ago she can enjoy feeling a bit superior, now. It's cute. So that was her favorite article because she's so happy she knows how to do all of this stuff with computers now and to understand what the 104th is apparently not doing with them.

Mom also thinks the cause of St. Saviour’s is very important because she says it's a “disgrace” that we don't preserve history in this country.

I haven't thoroughly read everything yet but the cover of the Juniper Berry is really beautiful! It's very attractive. The color palette makes me think of Rembrandt paintings and I love the whole design and compositing of the head of Washington. So please send my compliments to the designer of the cover.

Best Wishes,

Valerie Sarnicole
Middle Village

Dangerous corner

To the Editor:

I live on 80th street just off Metro Ave. I would like to see a left turn arrow or delayed traffic light. Making a left turn at that intersection (Metro and 80th Street) is a life threatening experience since the Atlas Mall opened. I wish you would do an article on dangerous traffic intersections in our area. Since this Mall opened it's hard to make a left turn on that corner or even walking across that street. Just do something to help us.

Michael P. Tarquinio
Middle Village

Forgotten fan

Originally sent to Forgotten-NY:
I’m a ‘remote’ Forgotten NY fan from the UK. My partner and I just got back from a trip to NY (mostly Manhattan) and we took the subway out to Middle Village to have a look around the area – a trip inspired by reading your website. I’m so sad that we missed the planned tour on April 1st but it gives us an excuse to return and ensure we time our trip to coincide with a future Forgotten NY Tour…

Our trip out to a small part of Queens was made so much more enjoyable by looking for some of the landmarks included in the previous report – it was also slightly surreal as we felt we had already visited. I loved Middle Village and I’m already really looking forward to the report of the tour.

Thanks for running such a fantastically interesting website – hopefully we will get to join a future tour!

Rae Purnell
United Kingdom

All in a row

Dear Juniper Berry Staff,

I would like to take a moment and introduce you to a unique online magazine. RowHouse Magazine is a place to learn all about the row house, its history and its diversity.

Our attitude is that the row house is the most perfect urban dwelling ever. A row house is more than a type of home, it's a lifestyle. Row house owners include every race, ethnicity, creed and economic demographic. The magazine is fun and casual with an emphasis on design, décor, community, and history.

I would love to feature Middle Village, NY in the community section in our next issue. Please let me know if one of your staff would be able to chat briefly about your neighborhood and its fantastic row homes.

Thank you so much for your help.

Suzanne Dreitlein
RowHouse Magazine

Never stopping

This e-mail was sent to the JPCA by Painter3300@aol.com:

On Eliot Avenue between Fresh Pond Road and 69 Street not in service Q38s and M24s are passing at a rate of every 4 minutes from 6am thru 11:30pm. Why is this? Why are they running so much? They are always empty. The not-in-service buses are running non-stop. This cannot continue like this, there must be a solution to this quality of life issue.