Verizon had been aggressively pushing Fios on its customers for quite sometime. We at the Juniper Park Civic Association, like most customers, have been bombarded with junk mail and telemarketers with various sales pitches that were hard to resist. We resisted for well over a year with almost daily calls. Finally we agreed only to allow the FIOS change over for our phone lines.
Many JPCA members have called us about broken promises from Verizon. After agreeing to an appointment for the change over we were assured that our monthly bill would not go up and installation would be painless. The process was anything but. After having to confirm by email 6 times and phone calls 8 times we finally had an appointment for Tuesday between 11am and 2pm. The Verizon FIOS installer arrived early, which was good, however he told us a number of things that weren’t.
To install the unit he would have to chip away our home’s stucco siding. And on the inside he would have to install a breadbox-sized unit that needed electricity and must be grounded, preferably to a waterline. Our Verizon installer said that telemarketers weren’t telling customers this and it made his job a lot tougher.
After taking the day off, wasting hours on duplicate confirmations of appointments and literally pounds of junk mail, we finally decided to refuse the installation of Fios. Little did we know that Verizon had already switched us to a Fios plan that essentially eliminated our voice mail for our old plan. That started another round of calling to customers service that took most of the day to fix. Since we wrote this two more offers for Fios came in. No thanks Verizon and stop calling us!