74-02 Eliot Avenue • 718 478 2200 • buonnyc.com

Middle Village continues to strut its stuff, showing how stable and prosperous our little town continues to be by attracting new businesses. The newly opened Buon Gelateria & Euro Bar located on Eliot Avenue and 74th Street is one of those businesses.

We spoke to the Manager, Maria Giampapa, recently and Maria filled us in on this new entry on our business scene. We also met the owners, Sal & Phil Gallina, who joined the conversation as we were talking to Maria.

Buon Gelateria is a beautifully decorated food spot that will give the guest a feel of Italy. The menu takes you through breakfast, lunch and dinner and is varied, consisting of Panini, Friti, Pasta-Tapas Style, Carne & Pollo-Tapas Style, Salads, Sides and Beverage.

They have pastry, homemade on the premises, that is what can be described as, “to die for!” Buon Galeteria also has beer and wine choices and they have delivery service for orders of $20 or more. As you would imagine in the age of the Internet, Buon Gelateria has Wi-Fi accommodation for those who can't get away from their computers! They also accept all major credit cards.

The décor is simple, cozy and refined, designed to welcome everyone from 6am in the morning to around 10:30pm when the kitchen closes.

Give them a visit; find out for yourself what we have attempted to tell you. Buon Gelateria & Euro is a welcome addition to Eliot Avenue in Middle Village and will become a great place to stop in for a chill-out drink and pastry or for one of their other delicious choices on the menu.

Tell Sal, Phil and Maria or one of the other friendly workers that you read about them in the Juniper Berry. Incidentally, we invited Maria, Sal, and Phil who also live in Middle Village, to our December 10th JPCA Town Meeting and they have agreed to donate a Raffle Gift to the Christmas Raffle. Can't wait to introduce them to everyone at our meeting.