You remember how things were. Or you might like to know how your family and friends saw the world in which they lived. Suddenly, out comes a photo to bring clarity and reaffirmation to stories of times gone by. Grandma’s old house and street lined with trolley cars, Great Grandpa’s fish market across from the play land where the church now stands, photos help tell your personal story. Specializing in rare and unusual photos of New York City, the Q Gardens Gallery vintage photo collection offers a nostalgic, visual wealth of neighborhood history with a penchant for many local Queens Communities.

For years, Ron Marzlock collected thousands of old neighborhood photos along with hundreds of photos of celebrities and movie stars. He compiled a database, a vast resource of original negatives to create a picture cornucopia that delights the imagination. Just provide a location, and you may be in for a surprise. From bridges and stadiums to dirt roads, now side streets or boulevards where you or your family grew up, anything could pop up. A Triborough Bridge “25 cent” toll booth (you wish), reminds me of when my dad threw change into a funnel from his car window, and my neighbor who threw nails until the city installed a magnet to catch them. Remember the milkman? Leave a dollar sticking out of an empty bottle outside in the milk box.
In addition to historic photos, maps and advertisements, the gallery offers photo restoration and framing. Last month’s Grand Opening provided the first taste with new exhibits soon to follow.

Middle Village
& Maspeth Exhibit
Starting December 11, the Middle Village and Maspeth communities are on deck, and an assortment of photos from the collection will be chosen and framed to grace the gallery walls ready for prospective buyers.
Thinking about affordable holiday presents?
Isn’t that you I see in the picture?

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