We had the privilege to meet yet another Middle Village resident who has chosen this Town to open a business. His name is Brian Fahy who is a young guy looking to grab the gold ring in his career by opening the Middle Village Hand Car Wash & Detailing Center.

In response to the question of why a car owner would want a hand car wash Brian explained with a simple answer, “Because it's better than the machinery driven washes that we have become used to.” Brian also said that the nearby neighbors are delighted that he has taken over the site on 69th Street and Eliot Avenue, cleaned it up and will operate a neat and neighborhood friendly business.

Middle Village Hand Car Wash will also have an accommodation room for customers who are waiting for their cars to be washed. In that room there will be a TV, coffee, Internet access and other amenities that Brian will provide as he launches his hand car wash facility.

Brian Fahy is young and ambitious and after talking to him for a short time you get the real sense of the responsibility he brings to the business scene in Middle Village. He isn't open yet but by the time you read this New Business Spotlight, Brian will have launched his business.

We invited him to our JPCA December 10th Town Meeting and he stated that he wants to donate a gift to our Christmas Raffle. We welcome Brian Fahy to the Middle Village business scene and we wish him the best of luck. We'll write more about him as his business develops and he completes his goal for the Middle Village Hand Car Wash & Detailing Center.