Our Lady of Hope's “Hope 2 Hornets” had a wonderful 2005 season, with an undefeated record in their CYO division of soccer. They boast nine wins and a tie, the best record in the division. Playoffs were at Juniper Valley Park's beautiful Brennan field, and they played a fantastic game to win it 3-0 against St. Thomas Moore. Team goalie, Victoria Scaparro, guarded the Hornets' net faithfully. The girls on this team have played together for four years and they have created a solid team of buzzing hornets, finishing their fourth year in a row of undefeated games.

Congratulations to the team: Cathy Lume, Olivia McFadden, Lauren Viggiano, Francesca Giglio, Rebecca Wagner, Victoria Scaparro, Bianca Piccarelli, Allison Hourigan, Stephanie Mesquita, Danielle Sheridan, Emily Schollmeier, Emily Marczack, Emma Matthews, Natalie Palermo, Taylor Abbruzzese and Jo-Jo the mascot. GO HOPE!

The girls, Our Lady of Hope 4th grade (Hope #1) soccer team won another Championship Diocesan Title on November 13, 2005 at Juniper Park. That makes it back-to-back titles for the Championship team who are coached by Dmytro Fedkowskyj, Alex Morales and Dan Bruno. The Hope #1 team finished as the second seed and had to win in an overtime shoot-out against St. Francis DeSales to play a rematch title game against the undefeated Hope #2 team to declare the title as CHAMPIONS. The champions only allowed 3 goals, which all occurred in one game, during their 10-game season (including playoffs). This great accomplishment was achieved because of their superb goalie Shannon Pizzella along with these defensive players: Paige Morello, Dana Bruno, Megan Allie, Nikki Morales, Colleen Weber, Kaitlyn
Murtagh and Francesca Mosimillo.

On Saturday (11/12), the Hope #1 team beat St. Francis DeSales in a shootout after regulation by the score of 4-3, the first 3 goals were scored by Deanna Fedkowskyj, Nikki Morales and Seona Maloney, but it took a sudden death goal from Sarah Duryea to break the tie.

They won the Championship Game by the score of 1-0, thanks to a breakaway goal by Seona Maloney with 15 minutes left in the game. Hope #1 had to defeat the undefeated first-place Hope #2 team to earn back-to-back titles. Below is a complete team roster of the Hope #1 soccer team by position:
Shannon Pizzella – Goalie
Megan Allie – Defense, (Fullback)
Dana Bruno – Defense, (Stopper)
Paige Morello- Defense, (Fullback)
Nikki Morales – Defense, (Sweeper)
Elizabeth DiBartolo – Offense,(Halfback)
Mona Farrisa – Offense, (Forward)
Seona Maloney – Offense, (Forward)
Deanna Fedkowskyj – Offense, (Forward)
Katie Lease – Offense, (Halfback)
Sarah Duryea – Offense, (Forward)
Mary Casey – Offense, (Halfback)
Francesca Mosimillo – Defense, (Fullback)
Kaitlyn Murtagh – Defense (Fullback)