On May 21st of this year 103 year old Carl Berner, original
member of the Juniper Park Civic Association, fell in the kitchen of his home on 81st Street. He underwent surgery shortly thereafter for a broken hip and after a stay in the hospital and Dry Harbor Nursing home, Mr. Berner was sent home on July 14th. On August 24th he was seen around the community walking his usual routes. Residents were amazed at his progress. In September he started pitching in around the neighborhood particularly cleaning the Caldwell Avenue bridge at the CSX railroad tracks. In October he cleaned the area again and even caught a severe case of poison ivy for his troubles.

Not to be deterred, on Friday, November 18th he was at it again and the JPCA’s Margaret Magnus, who helped him in his rehabilitation, stopped by to thank him.What an amazing story, what an amazing man! Carl Berner will be 104 years old in January. We’ll celebrate his birthday with a cake at our Dec. 8th meeting at OLH.