JPCA leaders gathered at recent party at Durow’s honoring Councilman Tom Ognibene: Ed Nubel, Amy Holden, State Senator Serf Maltese, Bob Holden, Lorraine Sciulli, Councilman Tom Ognibene, Margaret Magnus & Rudy Masi.
Both Councilman Ognibene and Senator Maltese are JPCA members and have provided outstanding leadership to our community.

Inspector Joellen Kunkel, former Commander of the 104th Pct. (now at Police Headquarters), and a good friend of the Juniper Park Civic Association were with Barry Nisenson, Chairman of COP104 at the Inagural of Councilman Walter McCaffrey in January. JPCA & COMET members and Frontera Park super volunteers, John and Ruth Kempisty, were also present.

Mookie Wilson, coach of the New York Mets, greeted Bob Holden, JPCA President and Midville Dodgers President Bob Holden to Shea Stadium just before opening day. The Midville Dodgers will be returning to Juniper Valley Park after 40 years. Midville’s home games will be played at Juniper Baseball Field #1. Two teams will represent the Dodgers, a Junior Team, ages 15-16; and a Senior squad, ages 17-18. A MV Dodgers schedule will be printed in the next issue of the Juniper Berry (June) and local newspapers.