At a NYMTC freight meeting in July, officials reported that the Galasso firm, which specializes in truck-based moving, storage, transfer and warehousing, has purchased an option on the 38-acre Phelps- Dodge industrial site in Maspeth, Queens.

The unused site had been identified by planners as a critical component for the eventual function of a Cross-Harbor rail freight tunnel and expansion of freight rail activity generally in New York City. Calls to the Galasso firm for more details were unproductive. At a meeting with Governor Pataki's representatives, and staff from the NYC Economic Development Corporation, Empire State Development Corp., the Port Authority, NY State DOT and rail freight advocates in spring, 2001, purchase of the 38-acre Phelps-Dodge site was determined to be New York State's highest priority in advancing the rail freight capacity agenda downstate. It's not clear who dropped the ball, though the city, state and Port Authority appeared to be dancing around the issue of who should pay for it in earlier discussions.