Dave Solomon was born in 1952 in Astoria, Queens. After graduating from Newtown High School he went into the Navy and traveled the world. He then returned to Queens to work for ConEd, first as a clerk in the union and after 30 years rose through the ranks to become a Senior Safety Specialist Environmental Manager.

Dave lived in Middle Village on Juniper Valley Road and 74 Street for 20 years raising his family of 2 boys and 2 girls. Starting out as Cubmaster rising to the District Commander for all of Queens, he has been involved in the Boy Scouts for over 40 years out of St. Margaret’s where his children attended school. When Dave’s father became seriously ill, he wanted to understand the lingo that the EMT’s and other professionals used, so he went to school where he found his calling – helping those in need. And thus began his illustrious volunteer career as an EMT at FHVAC (Forest Hills / Rego Park Volunteer Ambulance Corp.). Thirteen years later, Dave holds 17 licenses regarding safety and first aid and in his spare time voluntarily teaches these skills to various community members from Boy and Girl Scouts to nursery school teachers. At FHVAC Dave has truly dedicated himself rising from Captain to President, the post to which he was elected in June of this year. The President oversees the entire squad consisting of everything from working with Community Affairs at the 112 NYC Police precinct, (with whom they have a outstanding relationship), to fundraising and supervising to their Youth Corp.

Dave was at the World Trade Center both times it was attacked, as well at the recent Howard Beach airplane crash and has acquired over 10 lifesaving medals for his heroism. Because of September 11th, Dave logged over 152 hours in overtime for ConEd alone – not to mention the hundreds of unlogged hours he spent at the site with FHVAC. At Ground Zero for ConEd, Dave oversaw all the lighting, tractor-trailers, cranes, mobile transformers and even held safety talks for the workers.

Dave’s wife Linda has also caught his volunteer spirit and recently has become a professional (volunteer) EMT, in part because she finds it so “rewarding.” Linda is learning to love New York after migrating here from Oregon 2 years ago. Two or three times a week you can find both the Solomon’s assisting the community in FHVAC’s ambulances.

After living all over eastern Queens, Dave has settled in South Elmhurst and loves the area. He finds it clean and safe – thanks in great part to the great work of the Juniper Park Civic Association; but is rightfully concerned about the lack of police presence. We are fortunate to have Dave as part of our great community.

If you know any local volunteers and heroes who deserve our thanks, call the JPCA so we can write about them!
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