Recyclables will be picked up every other week. If your regular recycling day is a holiday, put the garbage and recyclables out that holiday night for next day pick-up.

What to Recycle
• Mixed Paper and Cardboard placed in clear bags or green-labeled recycling bins:
Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, paper, mail and envelopes telephone books and soft-cover books, paper bags smooth cardboard (such as shoe boxes, cereal boxes with liners removed, cardboard tubes) corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened and tied in bundles)
• Metal & Plastic “Bottles and Jugs”
Place in clear bags or blue-labeled recycling bins:
metal cans, aluminum foil wrap and trays,household metal (such as wire hangers, pots and plans, dried-out paint cans with lids removed), bulk metal (such as metal furniture, cabinets and appliances) plastic bottles and jugs (return 5 cent deposit containers to the store for refund) beverage cartons and drink boxes (milk and juice cartons, juice boxes)

Contact 3-1-1 before discarding appliances containing CFC gas (such as refrigerators and air conditioners)

What Not to Recycle
Any glass items, other kinds of plastics (such as deli and yogurt containers, Styrofoam, plastic toys and furniture) Visit the sanitation website at or call 3-1-1 for additional information or clarification. Sanitation Police are out checking.