For our business spotlight this issue we have chosen Sclafmore Construction Co., which has been in business since 1979 and is owned by Ralph Morea, Jr. and his partner, John Francisco.

I had the opportunity to talk to Ralph Morea recently and what I concluded immediately is how impressive Ralph’s explanation is of his business and how precise and knowledgeable he is of the work that they do.

Sclafmore Construction performs all types of jobs specializing in new construction as well as residential and commercial alterations. I could include all those phases in this article but it would be easier for you to go on their website at This is what I found very important on that site and I share it here:

If you need reliable, efficient and cost effective construction, trust us to get the work done right, on schedule and to code.”
Having a reconstruction job done “to code” is key to all remodeling and if you read the papers you see how so many contractors are taking short cuts, jeopardizing everyone’s life so they can get paid and move on, performing the same sloppy work daily. If you have remodeling done on your house it is in your best interest to do it right, to code, with a legitimate inspection from the Building Department.

Some personal information from Ralph Morea reveals that he has been in the business since he was ten years old! Yes, Ralph had a father who nurtured and tutored him in the construction business from that young age! In fact Ralph is so smart and astute with what he has learned that he now writes his own contracts, understanding exactly what he needs included to protect all parties in any job that Sclafmore performs. Ralph stated that Sclafmore works closely with three or four architects who share the same work ethic that Sclafmore requires to perform their jobs.

I spoke to Ralph Morea for about thirty minutes and I took a lot of notes. Since space limits me in what I can write I tried to cull out the key elements of Sclafmore Construction so that you the reader can conclude what I saw immediately. Sclafmore Construction with Ralph Morea and John Francisco at the helm are class acts in the construction marketplace. If you have work to be done, think Sclafmore. There has to be a reason why you see them working all over town! They’re good at what they do!

I can’t do an article on Sclafmore Construction without telling you that they give back to the neighborhood with their generosity. They recently sponsored the “Generations” concert in Juniper Valley Park, one of the most popular concerts of the 2012 summer concert season.

We thank Sclafmore Construction Company and Ralph Morea and his partner, John Francisco for all that they do in our community. Reminder, go on their website: and call them at (718) 845-9200 for your future projects.