The Juniper Park Civic Association is proud to announce that the Juniper Juniors are back! The Juniper Juniors has a long history of making a big difference in our neighborhood.

The group was launched originally by the late JPCA Executive Board member, Bob Doocey. Bob was a pragmatic optimist always looking and bringing to fruition thoughts that he had to make our neighborhood a better place to live. The Juniper Juniors was his forum and he did the job well. We hope to emulate Bob Doocey’s example as we go forth with our new class of Juniper Juniors!

Members of the Juniper Civic are kicking off the drive to reach out to the community for interested youth volunteers again. Many grammar schools and high schools ask their students to perform community service. This is the perfect group to join in community service projects.

The tasks that the Juniors perform in our neighborhood are varied from helping with graffiti covering to doing park clean-ups, planting trees and, so importantly, helping some residents clear their sidewalks after a snowstorm. The JPCA always gets many calls from residents who need this help and the kids are always there, eager to do their job and make a difference.

Also, in the past the Juniors have had their own meetings before a JPCA Town Meeting at Our Lady of Hope hearing from one of our elected officials who cheer them on to do good things in the neighborhood. They even get experience sometimes at the microphone at a JPCA Town Meeting and it’s great to see their ease and poise at which they can handle this responsibility that many find terrifying!

So parents, please join us with your children to participate in this community service group. Your 8th grade or high school child is very welcomed to join the Juniper Juniors. They are never too young to learn that they can make a positive difference in their community. They will be able to take an active part in some great projects.

Starting in May the group will be meeting to plan the activities for the summer. These activities will include tree plantings, park clean-ups, painting, and graffiti clean-ups. If you have a specific volunteer opportunity for the Juniors, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

The JPCA Juniper Junior Committee, which consists of Rosanna Maurer, Len Santoro and Angelo Raneri, are organizing these projects and will be putting together a roster of youth and parents who are interested in participating. If you are interested in participating please contact the JPCA at 718 651 5865.