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(Maspeth, NY Jan 24) File this one under the adage “no good deed goes unpunished.” As many people know, Maspeth businessman Tony Nunziato wears many hats. He’s a board member of the Juniper Civic, Maspeth Chamber of Commerce and many other volunteer organizations. Recently WPIX-11-TV reporter, Monica Morales, called the JPCA about unshoveled sidewalks on city property in Maspeth. She contacted JPCA president Bob Holden and said she was on location and needed to speak with someone immediately. Holden phoned Nunziato and asked him to meet the reporter on the corner of 57th Avenue & 74th St. Nunziato dropped everything, closed his flower shop and met the reporter. She asked him who he was. He said he was a member of the JPCA, Maspeth Chamber, Maspeth business owner etc. The reporter later dubbed over the video introducing him as “Tony Nunziato of the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce.” The story was about pedestrians, including school children and seniors, put in harm’s way because the city was not shoveling snow from the sidewalk on 57th Avenue from 74th to 83rd Streets.
For his efforts, on February 11th, Nunziato received a letter from Michael Terry (inset photo), president of the Maspeth Chamber, reprimanding him for appearing on TV as a “spokesperson” for the Chamber of Commerce. “Many of my board members and myself feel that this is inappropriate,” said Terry in the letter– among other things.
However, nowhere on the TV report did Tony Nunziato or anyone else say that he was a spokesperson for the chamber. Of course Mr. Terry could have watched the video of the report available on Apparently Terry did not even bother to do basic research.
You would think that with all the problems facing businesses in Maspeth that Michael Terry could find better use of his time then to write disparaging letters to dedicated volunteers. Mr. Terry should also look at the issue, this was not controversial, it was purely about safety for pedestrians who were forced to walk in the street. And yes Mr. Terry, safety also for shoppers walking to Grand Avenue.
Oh yes, a day after Nunziato’s TV interview… Department of Sanitation crews shoveled the walkway. Thanks Tony. Hear that Mr. Terry?