The night of July 23rd, an off-duty firefighter was walking his dog near the Learning Tree preschool when he spotted dozens of teens trespassing in the pool area. When he told them to leave, they chased and attacked him in the middle of Juniper Blvd North while yelling, “Fight night!” Thankfully, neither the man nor his dog was seriously injured. Video of the assault naturally was posted on social media by one of the participants in the mob and 3 arrests were soon made. Two brothers and a third boy, all from Astoria, were charged with gang assault and referred to juvenile court due to their ages. There allegedly was a meetup announcement posted to the Snapchat app targeted toward incoming and current freshmen at a Catholic high school. In response, roughly 100 kids descended on Eliot Avenue and Juniper Valley Park and the NYPD was not equipped to handle the influx. All of this is incredibly dumb and will likely happen again if the NYPD doesn’t do something to monitor social media chatter and prepare adequately to disperse these types of gatherings.