A lot of things have changed, but the location of the 1940 view is recognizable since the photo centers around the LIRR mainline railroad bridge which still exists. From left to right, gas pumps were on the sidewalk, indicating there was a fuel station where the Resurrection Ascension parking lot is now. Billboards along the railroad embankment on the west side are no more. There were no parked cars, lane markings, crosswalks, or bus lanes. At this time, Northern and Queens Blvds were the major east-west crossings and Woodhaven Blvd was the major north-south crossing. This holds true today, although we now have highways cris-crossing the borough to get us to our destinations faster. The building behind the railroad bridge was likely obliterated by the construction of the Long Island Expressway in the 1950s. There remains a billboard on the east side of the bridge. The bridge itself has undergone renovations that make it look a bit different than it did in 1940 and surely the trains that pass over it today provide a smoother and faster ride.