Yesterday, the Draw-bridge over Newtown creek, connecting Greenpoint with Queens county, on the road, commenced some years ago by the now defunct Flushing Plank Road Company, but never completed, fell by the weight of a team, injuring one person severely, and several horses. The team was what was known as a stone truck, and was drawn by 10 horses. Swung to the truck was a piece of marble about nine feet long and three feet square at the end, weighing about sixteen tons. The truckmaster, instead of crossing the center of the bridge as advised, attempted to cross on one side. As the team got upon the draw, the chains supporting it gave way – the draw sank down on one side, and upset the truck and four horses to the river. A man in charge of the wheel horses had one of his legs broken in two places, by getting caught between the team and rail of the bridge. He was attended by Dr. S.K. Snell, who does not consider his injuries of so serious a character to be necessarily fatal. The horses were got out of the river alive, but all of them were more or less injured – one or two seriously. The cart and stone are yet in the river, and it will be a nice job for somebody to recover them. There is a toll-house on the spot, and it is understood that the toll-taker keeps the bridge in repair for the fees he receives. An interesting legal question may grow out of this case, as to who is responsible for damages, should the owner of the team feel disposed to sue somebody. This bridge has never been considered a very strong one; but as soon as the team was capsized yesterday, the draw sprung back into place, so that travel over it was not interrupted. It sags a little on one side – that is all.

Photo shows a drawbridge across Dutch Kills. This one was installed in 1915 for the LIRR and is made of metal.