Community Council Appeals to Sullivan to Reconsider Stand.

An appeal to City Plan Commissioner Sullivan to reconsider his stand against acquisition of the Rothstein tract, between Maspeth and Middle Village, as a park site, will be made by the Middle Village Community Council.

The objection of Mr. Sullivan that there are not enough residents in the vicinity of the park was declared untenable by several members at a meeting in the Middle Village Inn, 79-56 Metropolitan Avenue.

The proposed site, it was argued, is surrounded by Middle Village, Maspeth, South Elmhurst, West Forest Hills and other populous communities, and will be served by several highways when widening and construction plans are completed.

The council will also ask the support of Borough President Harvey when the matter comes up for a hearing.

Following complaints concerning the condition of Sutter, Pleasantview and Tremont streets and Juniper Valley Road., it was decided to urge the Highway Bureau to undertake repairs at once.

Victor Weigand declared that the streets were a menace to firemen who might pass through the streets at high speed while answering fire calls in the section.

He suggested that an attempt be made to have the Police Department close the streets, if no action is forthcoming from the Highway Bureau.

It was voted to send a letter to Deputy Police Commissioner Hoyt asking the reason for the delay in the placing in operation of the traffic light installed at Metropolitan Avenue and Seventy-fifth Street a month ago.

On a motion by James A. Harkow, the council voted to suggest to Commissioner of Welfare Frank Taylor that he urge the expediting of the public works program in order to alleviate unemployment distress.

Harry Wellisch, counselor of the organization, was given a pen and a pencil set in recognition of his services. Anthony J. Steidle presided.