Our 70th anniversary logo pays homage to the history of the towns we serve. The Juniper Park Civic Association was originally an organization called “Residents of Juniper Park Homes, Inc.” named after the enclave of row houses built along the streets surrounding Juniper Valley Park. In 1944, Residents of Juniper Park Homes merged with the Eliot Avenue Civic Association, which served the area south of Eliot Avenue, and the joint organization took the new name, Juniper Park Civic Association. At the time, the part of Queens surrounded by 57th Avenue to the north, Woodhaven Boulevard to the east, Eliot Avenue to the south and 74th Street to the west was part of Elmhurst.

After the zip code for this area was changed in 2003, it became part of Middle Village. This explains why we have “Juniper Park” and “Elmhurst” as part of our logo. The association also proudly serves the Maspeth area, which has not experienced similar identity changes over the years.