At the JPCA 70th Anniversary celebration, First Vice President, Lorraine Sciulli, was honored with a JPCA Lifetime Service Award presented to her by President Robert Holden.

Lorraine is a lifelong resident of Middle Village and has been an active member of the JPCA for over twenty years. She serves on Community Board 5 and is the Chairperson of the JPCA Membership Committee, the Advertising Committee, the JPCA By-Laws Committee, the Trees Committee and is the Assistant Editor of the Juniper Berry.

She credits her parents, Mary and Tom Pizzillo, who were also active members of the JPCA, for instilling in her the need to be active in community issues. Their mantra to her was that you have to be vigilant if you want to live in a neighborhood that reflects your values, because those values are always being threatened by outside forces.

Lorraine looks forward to the future and the JPCA continuing to be a force for neighborhood preservation as we navigate the 21st Century. She is also quick to state that the younger residents of the area must come forward if they want to continue the JPCA legacy of activism and hard work. If they don’t, the neighborhood will change and will look like some surrounding communities that have suffered the neglect of indifference.

We congratulate Lorraine on her Lifetime Service Award to the Juniper Park Civic Association and wish her many more years of service to the community.